A Winters Wish

Hi, I'm Meg. This is a book all about me and my aspiration and dream to become a celebrity one day. You probably think I'm about four but I promise you I'm not. I'm not posh either.
I have a flat mate though, her names Rosalie, she's all neat and pristine. I'm the complete opposite, well not complete opposite but I'm pretty slouchy. I don't know. Anyway gotta run, read the book if you have time though!


1. Heels and Wheels


Today was the day. The day I moved on, the day I started a new chapter in my life, the day I left the one I never wanted to leave...the day it all began. I'm not going to sugar-coat it and bore you with immense details and suspense, but today was the day I left my mother and moved on to bigger things. Now, I'm not going to lie, I would miss her dearly, but it's for the best, well, at least that's what I told her. 

I knew she was hurting, there was no denying it, and so was I. I so wanted to cling to her as if I were ten years old again, going on a school trip or doing a nativity play at Christmas time and getting stage fright, but I knew it was time for me to leave, besides, my little sister Molly was still there to terrorize to her hearts content and to make sure mum would be okay, of course. 

"That's my ride," I called as a taxi pulled up, "and don't worry. I've got enough money to cover the bills and to maybe even squeeze in a new sofa somewhere; Rosalie can always cover me if not. Love ya, see you soon mum, come visit whenever. Bye Molls, keep your cool and I've hidden the stink bombs, you're welcome mum!" We all laughed at my cheeky joke as I clambered into the taxi, "next stop, Rosalie's. Bye dad, take care of yourself alright? I'll be back before you know it, begging you's to do my washing and that. Ha ha. I'd better go, knowing Rosalie it'll take her a couple hundred minutes to get off that dreaded treadmill before answering the door to me. I've got my passport, Rosalie says she'll meet me at the airport as soon as I land. Gosh, I love ya's," 

"We going ma'am? Not to be rude but I got a tight schedule today and can't afford to be late, and neither can you by the sounds of it," the taxi man instigated, staring at the clock.

"Right, bye again. Take care, bye!" I cried as the taxi man drove off with me in the back, next stop: America.


The drive to the airport was a long one, full of honking car horns and bundles of traffic all piling on the motorway, luckily I made it to the airport (eventually) with hours to spare so I could get checked in and go through security and all of that malarkey. "Thanks, here," I handed the taxi man the money which I owed him with a couple pounds extra, "I'm not gonna need them over there anyway," I joked, slamming the door to the taxi closed and dragging my suitcase along the floor.

It was 11:56 AM, two hours until my flight, even after going through security and everything! I sat slouching on a comfy armchair in the corner of Starbucks in the terminal of the airport, sipping a pumpkin spice latte (as it was Autumn) and skimming a novel which I had packed with me earlier. "Mind if I sit?" a male voice questioned, looking down on me and leaning on the opposing armchair as I snapped my novel closed, "be my guest," I offered, sipping some of my latte; he was quite handsome actually. "So, where you off?"

"America," I responded casually, putting down my coffee cup and rummaging through my bag for a magazine which I had also packed in my hand luggage. "Ah, anywhere nice? New York? California? Hawaii?"

"Just a small flat by Colorado for now, I'm aiming for bigger and better things whilst I'm there," I conducted, stuffing my novel into my bag and pulling out my Vogue magazine. "Hm, Colorado? Sounds interesting," the gentleman hummed, drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair, "I've been there a couple times myself you know. It's nice," he removed his dark cap which he had been wearing since our introduction and ran his hands through his thick, brunette locks. "Hm," I hummed, acting disinterested, "you going anywhere nice?" I asked sociably, flicking over the next page of the magazine and scanning it intently, "Mexico; family reunion thing," he shuddered at the thought, 

"Mexico, that's pretty impressive." I stated, becoming more intrigued by the young fellow,

"yeah if you're the son that's engaged," he scowled spitefully, "you know, my brother George has always had it better, from my parents, grandparents, and now he's the one to find love, not me. Poor old me, a twenty one year old man roaming the streets alone at night, and eventually reaching home to an empty flat. George. Of course he's the one to do my family proud." The young gentleman ranted, obviously becoming enraged by the factor of his brother becoming newly engaged and continuing on his family name- whatever it was. "I'd best be off anyway. Nice meeting you-"

"Meg," I interrupted, proposing a handshake with my arm outstretched, 

"pleasure. Richard, Richard Cog,"

"Meg Jackson, pleased to make your acquaintance" I introduced, shaking his hand as he accepted my gesture. "Ditto," Richard nodded, placing his hat back on to his full head of hair and striding off, bag by his side. He was somewhat intriguing and even after he left my brain was infatuated with thoughts of his mysterious and dare I say sexy persona. I got out my notes diary and scrambled to the next clean page, my notes diary is basically just a deep leather covered notebook of which I jot my thoughts/observations in on a day to day basis, and I guess I had time to kill to fill in today's events.

I was distraught to see mother and father standing on the pavement, waving frantically with Mollie clinging their sides as she stood meekly beside. The journey to the airport was fairly pleasant, although a majority of problems did occur, traffic jams and sorts. I arrived at the airport, exhausted and overwhelmed and stumbled giddily through the doors of Starbucks which was located in the terminal of the airport. Security was also a nightmare, waiting and all, but I would rather not go into detail about that. But yes, Starbucks. I was sat, calmly reading my novel; it was one of my favourites, Winters Wanted. A charming, brunette gentleman wearing a dark hat and polished suit greeted me with a question and - although I avoided mentioning it- quite poor posture. He was rather dashing though, suit and tie all cleansed and without a crease in sight. We had quite a discussion I must say, one which consisted of many questions with many sophisticated/obscure answers. Maybe that is just because he is very shady...well more mysterious rather than shady, though I'd hate to be repetitive. He left, his name being Richard Cog, saying how it was a pleasure to meet me, and of course I returned the gesture by shaking his hand respectfully and acknowledging his acquaintance with delight.

17th of November.

It was now one hour until my flight, and frankly, I was fed up of sitting in a little corner by a window on this afternoon sipping a latte and glaring at the pages of a glossy magazine, knowing that I could never afford all of these beautiful, extravagant clothes which the celebrities staring back at me wore. Feeling slightly drained and extremely bored; I clutched my things in both hands, cautious of leaving anything behind, and strode out of the small Starbucks, thanking the man who served me as I went. 'Hm, where to go now,' I thought to myself indecisively, examining all of the stores surrounding me, 'maybe I should get a bite to eat?' I spotted a Burger King right at the end of the row, sitting silently by a clothes shop, I'd really ought to eat before I left so I decided to pick myself up a small meal, and once again I sat meekly in a seat by the window, sipping a Coke drink and munching on a beef burger. 


Finally! America! Gosh, the flight was awful, but my fellow travellers were not so awful I must admit. A man sat next to me on the flight and- in the least offensive way possible- he was quite a large, beefy man with a dark, not full, head of hair and a prickly beard which was smothered in Marmite by the end of it (he seemed to love just spooning it out of the jar, crazy I know!) Although, he did make particularly interesting small talk and even offered me some of his Marmite which I seemed as being a generous offer rather than a slight punishment or disadvantage. Now, finally, I was in America, seeing clouds floating in the painted sky and yellow taxi cabs ruling the streets. "OMG, Meg!" I heard a familiar voice scream from the distance, it was Rosalie! "Rosalie! Oh my gosh! I've missed you so much," I exclaimed, dropping my bags and catching her in a mid-run-mid-skip, "I've missed you too!" She cried back, wrapping her arms around me securely, "I can't believe we're going to be sharing a flat together! This is going to be amazing," she triumphed in her American accent,

"totally," I agreed ecstatically. We collected my things and hauled them round to Rosalie's car, a small silver car, obviously a convertible as it was Rosalie. "Nice car," I complimented, clambering into the passengers seat and slamming my door closed, "sweet ride right? My mom and dad gave it too me as my birthday present," Rosalie explained, turning the key and reversing. I was going to have to learn American words and slang, and fast, if I wanted to fit in, "don't worry darlin', you'll pick up some slang soon enough," Rosalie reassured me as if reading my mind, 

"thanks. I hope so," I gave her a friendly smile to show I was thankful for her support. We drove for around thirty minutes, taking a motorway- or highway as they call it here- and then getting off a while later, it was all so surreal, the trees, the warm fresh air, the bright blue skies, everything. We took a left turn and I realised a minute later the sign had said 'beach' on it, "hey, Rose? Where are we going?"

"I'm not taking you straight home, Gosh no! We're stopping off at the beach first, there's a mad party down there today and we've gotta go right?" Rose babbled, turning another left and then a right and across a bridge, "sure, sounds like fun, but look what I'm wearing, I'm so not prepared,"

"you look great." She winked at me, "and those heals, really nice choice. Might have to pick me some similar ones up somewhere, where they from?"

"New Look, I think. Mum chose them out for me on a shopping trip we went on just before I left,"

"cute, very classy," Rose stated, concentrating very little on her driving and more on my shoes and outfit. 

"Thanks," I reposted casually, satisfied with my outfit choice earlier on, we swerved dramatically around a roundabout and took the next right turning off, across a bridge, down a hill and round another left where the beach scene burst upon us like nothing I had ever seen before.

Palm trees swayed flimsily, ocean waters beat the shimmering sand harshly, crashing upon its surface and leaving just a trace of white foam behind to mark its presence. Lines of houses and shops towered high on the opposing side of the pavement, all colourful and painted with large glass windows and rows and rows of trees and hedges guarding the fronts, shopkeepers greeted everyone with friendly 'hello's and bakers charmed everyone into tasting their breads. Neighbours greeted each other with hearty smiles and winks and the sun beat down on our heads like nothing I had experienced. Women with children bustled carelessly down the streets, down the beach front and on to the sand to sunbathe whilst children dashed about excitedly on the sands, waving buckets and spades and flip flops and ice creams and pebbles and all other items clasped firmly in their youthful hands and fingers wrapped around the edges; it was everything I dreamed and more. 

"So, you like it?" Rosalie asked, pulling the car to a halt and taking the key out, 

"like it? I...I love it," I said, "it's breathtaking, everyone seems so relaxed and generous to one another, it's how the whole world should be. The sun seems to be radiating these beams of warmth upon each other in an emotional way as well as a physical one as everyone seems so warm and kind to one another," I babbled, flailing on the sand as I flapped down my beach towel to lie on (lucky I brought one, huh?)

"Good, well, you ain't seen nothing yet. My friends shall be arriving soon, wanna grab a snack beforehand?"

"Sounds perfect."


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