When you spell Live backwards...

Kelly Anderson has had a knack for solving mysteries since she was two. She spends all of her allowance money on Lemony Snicket books , and never goes anywhere without her Magnify glass. But then, when her family moves to A small town called rosewood, they meet there next door neighbors, The Goth's. But something seems wrong with them... they are the word Live spelled backwards. First, Kelly see's 12 year old Cassandra goth set a stray cat on fire. And then 7 year old Victoria goth falls of a three story roof, and gets back up without a signal bruise. And things only get worse from there. Will Kelly be able to solve the mystery? Or will she end up like the Last Family who lived in her new house?


6. Why I will never go to the Goth's house again

                                      That night, I hardly ate any dinner, and I didn't even tell off Amanda for throwing mashed potatoes at me until she got bored and threw them at dad instead. I wished that Helen had never told me about the Donnaly`s. That Victorian doll she mentioned sounded just like the doll I found in the Attic.

                                        That's when I remembered: The Attic. I still had to find out if it was just a dream or not. I half hoped that it was real: It would mean a mystery to solve that didn't involve spiders. But I half wished that it wasn't real. I wont lie... it scared me. 

                                         After I Everyone went to bed, I decided to check. I was halfway down the hall, when I heard it. Creak... Creak... Creak... It sounded like a rocking chair. Creak... Creak... Creak... I was almost there, and I saw the lights again. Creak... Creak... Creak... I felt like I was going to be sick when I saw what was in there. Creak... Creak... Creak... The lights went off as I opened the attic door, prepared for the worst...

                                         The Sounds where indeed coming from a rocking chair, but there were a couple things wrong with the picture. The doll was gone. And in its place on the rocking chair, was a meat cleaver. And it seemed to be covered in blood... And there was a blood trail leading from the cleaver to the open window. I looked out the window... And saw Cassandra staring back at me! I almost screamed at the sight of it before I realized that it was not Cassandra, But the missing doll. Except there was one major change to it... The blood trail ended at it's eyes, where someone had jabbed two bloody sticks. At this, I did scream. I almost did, anyway. But the shock affected me so badly that it came out as a silent gust of air. I pulled my head back inside, petrified until I heard a sound below. I slowly looked out the window, only to find that the doll was gone. The two sticks where lying on the ground, But the doll had disappeared.


                                        I had another nightmare that night. This time, I dreamed that The Goth Kids where chasing me, Cassandra with a meat cleaver, and Victoria with two bloody sticks, while the doll was egging them on. I woke with a start at about three in the morning. I decided that I would not be able to get any sleep. So I just got ready for school. The morning passed by same as normal. I got dressed, ate breakfast, and waited for the bus. I decided to watch some TV. I turned it on to find a news bulletin:

                                       "-And we are going to have slight rain for the next three days. In other news, local high-security bank employees wake up this morning to find the vault open and the money stolen. "The Robber found a way to shut down the lasers last night." Say investigators. "We suspect the same people who robbed Kay Jeweler's last week." If you have any information on the whereabouts of the culprits or the stolen jewels and money, call the number as followed:1800-462-8983. In other news, Local Sea-lion at the zoo ha-"

                                       I just shut the TV off after that. I had heard enough to realize what a dangerous community we live in.

                                        School went pretty much the same as usual that day. Lisa Refused to go in the water at the pool in gym, because chlorine apparently turns her hair green, and Helen and me got a pretty good laugh when she slipped and fell into the water, coming out with a green tinge to her hair. But Amber and Melisa where even more mean than usual after that, and it all ended with us in the nurses office. Me with a bloody nose, Melissa with a black eye, Helen with Two teeth missing, and Amber with A sprained wrist. Other than than, It was pretty boring.

                                         When I got home that day, I remembered something. I had told Cassandra I would go to her house today. Slowly, I made my way to her yard, and sure enough, she was waiting for me.

                                         "Hello, Shelly."

                                          "Its Kelly."

                                         "Come to the back yard."

                                         I was scared. I wont hide it, I was scared. You would be, too, if you where at the house of probably the creepiest family ever. I cautiously followed Cassandra to the backyard. The backyard was even worse than the front. What was probably supposed to be a garden was full of weeds, and nothing but weeds. A skeleton of a small animal was visible from where I was. Cassandra walked right forward to what had to be the oldest trampoline that I had ever seen. She got on, and I followed her example. But I didn't jump very high, I didn't trust the trampoline to hold me if I came down to hard. The silent jumping went on for a few hours before she jumped off. I followed her example.

                                          "Stay here." She told me.

                                           She went inside the house while I waited. And waited. And waited. I was just about to give up the waiting and go home, When I heard something. I looked off, and there was Victoria on the roof. She was slowly walking closer to the edge, closer to the trampoline. It was then I realized what she was going to do. But before I could tell her not to, she reached the edge and jumped. And when her feet touched the trampoline, It gave way and she went right through it, and when she landed, I heard a great crack.


                                           But even as I screamed, she was getting up, unhurt, unscratched. She looked at me for a minute, and went inside the house as if nothing had happened. I had had enough. As I was running, I saw Cassandra. She was setting something that looked horribly like a dead cat on fire. I ran away from that house, Into my house, and up the stairs to have a nice, long chat with Vanessa on Skype.


                                            "Something is going on here, I know I like solving mysteries and all, but this is different. I don't feel safe anymore."

                                              Hours had passed, And I had missed diner, and Amanda was probably already in bed, But I still did not stop talking to Vanessa.

                                               "Don't worry, Kelly. Your probably just falling for some kind of trick. Maby Amanda found the doll and moved it. And maybe she put the Goths up to acting creepy."

                                               "Amanda's just as creeped out as I am of them. And even if that where true, still, That doesn't explain how creepy Junior jumped off the roof without the slightest scratch."

                                                "Creepy Junior?"


                                                "You stink at coming up with nicknames. Maybe... Oh, I don't know. It's late, and I can't think when I'm tired, I'll see you tomorrow."

                                                 And with that, She hung up.

                                                 That's when I heard footsteps coming from downstairs. At first, I figured it was just Amanda, getting a drink, but then I heard a crash, and the footsteps moving out the front door. I slowly crept out of bed, and made my way down the stairs. I went to the kitchen, and I saw it. It was the doll, now with two jagged holes where its eyes should be, blood trailing down from the empty holes. Then I remember Standing there, frozen, before i felt myself falling, and everything went black.


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