When you spell Live backwards...

Kelly Anderson has had a knack for solving mysteries since she was two. She spends all of her allowance money on Lemony Snicket books , and never goes anywhere without her Magnify glass. But then, when her family moves to A small town called rosewood, they meet there next door neighbors, The Goth's. But something seems wrong with them... they are the word Live spelled backwards. First, Kelly see's 12 year old Cassandra goth set a stray cat on fire. And then 7 year old Victoria goth falls of a three story roof, and gets back up without a signal bruise. And things only get worse from there. Will Kelly be able to solve the mystery? Or will she end up like the Last Family who lived in her new house?


5. The history of 343 Thicket lane

                                  I woke up the next morning after dreaming that a doll from a black and white movie was chasing me with a carving knife shouting "Your it!" And after the dream, I figured that the attic might be a dream too. I went down to the kitchen for breakfast, and found dad watching the news, Listening to information about a robbery.

                                  "Local store employee Claire Morgansen came to work this morning at 'Kay jewelers' to find the Jewel vault open and emptied. The jewel vault is where 'Kay jewelers' keep the diamonds before they are made into jewels. "Whoever robbed the store is a genius." Say investigators. "They somehow found a way past the sensors in the floor without deactivating them. The sensors are meant to detect human body heat. Stepping on the floor should have alerted security. And they also somehow knew that the security camera's where down for repair."  If you have any information on who committed this crime, please call this number: 1800-462-8983."

                                  "Hmm. Wonder who could have pulled off a crime like that." Dad wondered allowed.

                                  I ate breakfast slowly. I was still wondering about the attic. Had it been a dream? It must have been. But then... If it was a dream, it was so vivid. So real. I decided to check again later. But in the meantime, I was expecting Helen. We had made agreements to help each other with homework.

                                   When the doorbell rang, I rushed to answer it. But it wasn't Helen. It was Cassandra.

                                   "Hello, Kasey." 


                                     "Want to come to my house?"

                                    I was honestly a little alarmed by her question. I still hadn't got over the time I thought I saw Victoria spark.

                                     "...Umm...Sure. But not know... maybe Tomorrow."

                                      Then she just turned around to walk away, and collided with Helen.

                                     "Oh...Hello." Helen said politely. Cassandra just stared for a minute, and then kept walking.

                                      "Who was that?" Helen asked when Cassandra was out of earshot.

                                      "That was Cassandra Goth. She lives next door."

                                       "There are people who live in that old wreck? And yet I thought this house was bad..."

                                        Later, we had finished with homework. We just sat down and talked. I noticed that Helen seemed a little uneasy. 

                                       "Whats wrong?"

                                       " Its just... I've never been in thicket lane at all because this house, and I never thought I would ever enter it. How can you stand to sleep in this house after what happened to the Donnaly`s?"


                                       She looked at me as if I had two heads.

                                       "The Donnaly`s? the last people who lived here? Don't tell me you've  never heard of what happened here?"

                                        When she saw my confused expression, she went on to explain.

                                        "The Donnaly`s where the first family to ever live in 343 thicket lane. This was a really long time ago, when the house was first built. The Donnaly`s where a family of four. Steve Donnaly, his wife, Patricia, there thirteen year old son, Josh, and there five year old daughter, Dana. They had only lived in the house four six months when it happened. Patricia came home to find the house in a blood bath. Steve and Josh where on the floor, dead, and Dana was gone. They say that at the sight of it all, Patricia went mad. She never left the house again. And if she wasn't in a bad state then, two police officers came to her house days later to say that they had found Dana's head in a swamp. Patricia went berserk. She killed both policemen than she tried to toss there body's off the roof. But while she was doing this, she slipped and fell of the roof herself. But they say that her ghost still haunts this place, searching for Dana every night. And lost of strange things have happened since. Like for instance, Dana had an old Victorian doll, that disappeared  with her. but then, two months after Patricia's death, It reappeared in the attic, and kept appearing in a different part of the house every night. Then it just disappeared again. And, just two years ago, a couple kids went in here on Halloween, and they where never seen again."

                                           After hearing what Helen had to say, I was terrified. It must have shown on my face, because she seemed to notice.

                                           "Hey, you've been here for a couple weeks now, and nothing bad has happened. You're going to be fine."

                                           But that's not why I was scared. The Victorian doll she mentioned sounded sickly familiar... 


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