When you spell Live backwards...

Kelly Anderson has had a knack for solving mysteries since she was two. She spends all of her allowance money on Lemony Snicket books , and never goes anywhere without her Magnify glass. But then, when her family moves to A small town called rosewood, they meet there next door neighbors, The Goth's. But something seems wrong with them... they are the word Live spelled backwards. First, Kelly see's 12 year old Cassandra goth set a stray cat on fire. And then 7 year old Victoria goth falls of a three story roof, and gets back up without a signal bruise. And things only get worse from there. Will Kelly be able to solve the mystery? Or will she end up like the Last Family who lived in her new house?


3. School

                       I ate my cereal about as fast as a snail moves. Today was the first day of school, and I was nervous.

                       Amanda, on the other hand, was already waiting for the bus.

                       But the fact that today was my first day of school wasn't the only thing bothering me. I was still thinking about what I saw last night... I couldn't have actually happened.... could it?

                        "Kelly, hurry up! The bus is here!" Amanda was yelling from outside.

                        "Alright, Alright, I`m coming, i`m coming!" I yelled back.

                        The bus ride was horrible. Amanda Got the last open seat, and wouldn't let me sit with her. Our stop was the last one, but the bus ride still took halve an hour. And since there where no open seats, I had to stand the whole way. It felt like hours before we finally got to school.

                          The school wasn't very impressive. It was just a big two story Building made of cement bricks. The inside wasn't to impressive either. Just long hallways and small classrooms with tile floors, and lime green lockers. I went to get my locker number from the office. The secretary was a little old lady. But the thing is she obviously had very bad hearing. this is how our conversation went:

                          "Um, Excuse me mam, I am a new student, and I need my locker number and combo?"

                           "I`m sorry, what was that?"

                            "I need my locker combination and number."


                            "I need my locker number."

                            "Locker Number? Ok, what is your name?"

                           "Kelly Anderson."


                            "Kelly Anderson."

                            "I`m sorry, I don`t have a locker number for a Shelly Henderson."

                             "No, Kelly Anderson!"

                           "Oh, Kelly Anderson. One Minute..."

                           Then I found A hearing Aid on the floor.

                           "Excuse me mam, Is this your hearing aid?"


                            "Is this your hearing aid?"


                           "Is This your hearing aid?!"


                           "IS THIS YOUR HEARING AID?!"

                            It went on like that for five minutes before she finally gave me my locker combo!

                            It seemed like forever before I finally got to class. It wasn't that impressive. Just a small room with a bunch of desks. I was not the first person to class. Sitting in the front row was a Tall girl with red hair. She wore glasses and was pale. Not as pale as the Goths though... I was still a little uneasy about there visit last night. Even more so that I thought I saw Victoria spark... I was probably just seeing things. I was going insane. I was getting scared of someone younger than my sister!

                              The girl was reading a book. I couldn't quite see it, though. It looked Like she was reading "The blood of Olympus" from the "Hero's of Olympus" series. My favorite book. But I did not need to talk to her to know she was nothing like the girls who walked in moments later.

                               Now, these girls where obviously the "Popular kids" of the school. There where three of them. The one in front was a girl just barely taller than me. She had blonde hair, Green eyes, And her teeth where so white it literally hurt my eyes to look at them. Her makeup was put on perfectly, like she was a professional, and her clothes where designers. I could tell just by looking at it that her necklace had real diamonds. The one following close behind her Was really tall. She almost had to duck under the doorway. She had brown skin, Strait brown hair with blonde highlights, Blue eyes, designer clothes, and makeup put on almost as perfectly as the first girl. The last girl was pretty short, but it was really hard not to notice her. She was a brunette with curly hair, tanned skin, Hazel eyes, And so much shiny bling That she probably made the blondes teeth jealous. She was also wearing designer clothes, like the first two girls, but not as much make up.

                              They walked and sat in the middle of the classroom, while knocking over the red-haired girls backpack on the way. The blonde took one look at me, made a face as if I where something a dog had just spit up, and focused all of her attention on her cell phone. The other girls did the same. Not wanting to sit to close, I took a seat next to the girl with red hair. I was about to say hi, but then the bell rang and more people started to come to class. The large number of people combined with the size of the classroom was not a very "comfortable" combination. 

                              Just then, the teacher walked in. She was an old, little lady. But her outfit was not very... "Little old womanish". Until I first saw her, I never would have been able to imagine a 90 year old woman in a mini-skirt. I could immediately tell that it was gonna be a long year. She didn't even seem to realize that there was a new student. She just siad to open our books to page four-twenty-three, find a partner, and start reading.

                              I decided to partner up with the red-haired girl, mainly because everybody else found partners. She did not seem eager to start conversation, so I started it myself.

                              "Hi, I'm Kelly."

                              She stopped reading and looked at me for a minute, and then finally answered.

                               "I'm Helen."

                               Looking for more conversation, I started talking about the book she was reading earlier.

                               "Was that 'the blood of Olympus' you where reading earlier? That's my favorite book."

                               "Yeah, it was. I've already finished it, but I wanted to read it again."

                                We spent the rest of the hour talking about books, and I couldn't help notice that after the bell rang, the blonde looked at me with distaste.


                                 "Mom, I'm home."

                                  I decided to walk home, mainly because I didn't think the bus ride would be any better than it was in the morning.

                                  "Oh, hi Kelly. If you don't have any homework, please go upstairs and help your father. He's trying to fix the hole in the ceiling."

                                   After a long two hours of telling my dad he should call professionals, and helping him down when he ended up hanging upside down with his shoe snagged on a nail, I was free to talk to Vanessa on Skype.

                                   "Ok, try not to get on the bad side of those three girls you saw at school. And your probably just getting worried over nothing. How could a seven year old girl spark?"

                                   After our long conversation, I watched the sun set out the window. I looked down and saw the goths yard. Cassandra and Victoria where just... standing there. Then they went inside. what where they doing? I assumed they where just waking the sunset.

                                    Or where they...?





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