When you spell Live backwards...

Kelly Anderson has had a knack for solving mysteries since she was two. She spends all of her allowance money on Lemony Snicket books , and never goes anywhere without her Magnify glass. But then, when her family moves to A small town called rosewood, they meet there next door neighbors, The Goth's. But something seems wrong with them... they are the word Live spelled backwards. First, Kelly see's 12 year old Cassandra goth set a stray cat on fire. And then 7 year old Victoria goth falls of a three story roof, and gets back up without a signal bruise. And things only get worse from there. Will Kelly be able to solve the mystery? Or will she end up like the Last Family who lived in her new house?


2. Neibors

                 "Thursday? What do you mean it won't be here until Thursday? Why is it in Texas in the first place?" 

                    Dad had been complaining for hours over the phone. Apparently, our moving van lost sight of our car on the way here and started following another one, mistaking it for ours. The drivers weren't at all worried they where following the wrong car until they ended up in Texas. So now the moving company is saying our stuff won't be here until Thursday. Today's Friday. So now I have to sleep in a sleeping bag.

                  I was just about to go to my room and scream as loud as I could when we heard a knock on the door.

                 "I got it!" I said to my dad. I opened the door and saw who was waiting on the other side.

                   There where four people. They looked so alike that they could have all been siblings. One was an adult man, one an adult woman, a girl my age, and a girl who looked a little bit younger than Amanda. They all had the same looks. All four of them had strait, pitch black hair. They had brown eyes so dark, they were almost black. They where all wearing black and white, and they where so pale That there skin was white.

                    "Can I help you?" I asked them.

                     "Yes. Hello. We are the Goths. We live next door. We are here to greet you." Said the woman.

                      "Um... OK, come in..." I said cautiously.

                       "After the older people talked to dad for a minute, we all sat down. Dinner was done, and the Goths joined us.

                       The Goths hardly said anything. They just stared at us. The girl my age stared at me intently, as if she where looking at my soul, searching for secrets. It kinda creeped me out.

                  "So..." My mom started, trying to break the tension. "Your the people who live next door?"

                  "Yes. My name is Abigail. This is my husband, Charlie, and these are our daughters, Cassandra and Victoria." The older woman said.

                   "It is very nice to meet you." 

                    "I am sure it is." Said Victoria, the younger daughter.

                     They are weird. It doesn't take a genius know that.

                     After dinner, I went up to my room. On the way, I noticed a door a the ceiling in the hallway. Probably the attic. When I got to my room, I noticed the Goths house outside my window. I still couldn't believe someone actually lived there.

                      Then something strange happened. The Goths where slowly shuffling back in the house, and then Victoria looked right at me. I could have swore I saw here neck suddenly spark electricity. Then she just went inside, as if nothing had happened. I figured I was just seeing things. 

                        If only that were true.

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