When you spell Live backwards...

Kelly Anderson has had a knack for solving mysteries since she was two. She spends all of her allowance money on Lemony Snicket books , and never goes anywhere without her Magnify glass. But then, when her family moves to A small town called rosewood, they meet there next door neighbors, The Goth's. But something seems wrong with them... they are the word Live spelled backwards. First, Kelly see's 12 year old Cassandra goth set a stray cat on fire. And then 7 year old Victoria goth falls of a three story roof, and gets back up without a signal bruise. And things only get worse from there. Will Kelly be able to solve the mystery? Or will she end up like the Last Family who lived in her new house?


1. Arrival

                 "Well, Here we are." My mom said as we got out of the car. When I first saw what our new house looked like, I almost fainted. It was everything I prayed it wouldn't be. When dad had told me the house was a "Fixer-upper", this is not what I thought he meant.

                  The house was an ugly shade of brown that reminded me of barf. Almost all of the windows where cracked. It was covered from top to bottom in cobwebs, and the outside paneling was falling off the walls. There was a big hole in the roof, and I could smell a nasty odor coming from inside. "I gave up my life and friends in San Francisco for this?" I mumbled to myself.

                   I could tell that Amanda was thinking the same thing. "Maby its better inside..." She said. She was wrong.

                  The inside of the house was even worse than the outside. I almost stepped on a dead mouse coming in. The walls had an ugly yellow wall paper that was peeling of, and there was a huge red, crusty stain on the floor that was either tomato juice or blood. The smell was so much stronger in there, I could barely control my nausea. Amy wasn't so lucky. The second she went in, she ran right back out and threw up on the lawn, witch was brown and dead. I was suddenly glad that I had not eaten my lunch yet. 

                              So my name is Kelly. Kelly Anderson. I am twelve years old. I have long, strait Brown hair and very bright colored blue eyes. I have a mom, a dad, and an annoying ten year old sister named Amanda. I was born in San Francisco, where I lived happily. I had a best friend, Vanessa, a great house, and there was a water park not to far away. But then, one miserable day, my dad gets a call that he's being transfered to a small town in the middle of nowhere called rosewood. Next thing I know, where saying goodbye to our family and friends and leaving San Fransisco for good. Welcome to my world.

                  While mom and dad where dealing with my sister, I decided to take the opportunity to be the first one to get to pick a room. I went up stairs and looked at each room. I already knew the biggest was for mom and dad, which I was thankful for because that was the room with the hole in the ceiling. The next room I looked in was tiny. I would barely be able to fit my bed and dresser in there. So I went with the room at the end of the hall. It smelled so horrible that I was starting to envy the dead mouse, and there was a hole in the window, but it was better than the other rooms. I looked out the window and I saw the house next door. 

                   There house was almost as bad as our house. The house had black walls on the outside. The grass in the lawn was brown, dry, and dead. The garden had dead flowers and weeds, and the house had only two windows, on the  second floor. The way the windows and the front door where shaped and positioned made the whole front of the house look like a giant, creepy face. I thought that there was no way anybody could live there.

                   Little did I know how wrong I was.

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