Smile, It's the End of Your World [FNaF]

Samuel Smiley the Smile Monitor at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, was just like the rest of the animatronic humans, such as his best friend Bonnie, but his life changes when something goes terribly wrong...

((Five Night's at Freddy's - OC story!))


1. Jaime

What could have saved him? Nothing of course. Nothing could save that poor child... from me...


    It had been a normal day at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. I roamed the halls and peeked into each room to make sure everyone was having fun and getting along, since it was my job as the Smile Monitor and all. As I was walking through the halls on this normal day, I turned to see a little boy staring right up at me. It was Jaime.


    Jaime was a young 6 year old boy with dark hair and glasses that would come to Freddy's almost everyday, but while his sister and brother would go see the stage show, he would take my hand and walk with me. He would tell me about his day at school and all the things he liked to learn, but he would also tell me about how much I remind him of his father.


    I would look down and see his eyes fill with tears as he spoke of his father, who had died after being in a fatal car accident a year before. It would make me want to cry, just hearing and seeing poor Jaime in this state. Every time he became this way, I would smile at him and would put my hat on his head, then say in my electronic voice:


"Don't cry, Jaime. Please don't. It's not good to cry. Smile. I am Smiley the Smile Monitor, I am here to make you smile. Correct, friend?"


    Every time I did this, he would giggle and hug me before we would continue our walk. Seeing Jaime was always the best part of my day, until... that day...


    I don't know what was wrong with me. I tried to stop myself. I truly did, but I couldn't. Something went wrong in my system as I was walking with Jaime one day. My vision suddenly disappeared and I could only feel myself grabbing for the dark haired child. He was whispering my name before yelling it. I could feel myself grabbing my Smile sign that I carried around and moving it towards him.


    I lost all feeling. When I awoke, I was standing over a child covered in blood who had dark hair and little, broken, round glasses.


"Jaime... I'm so sorry..."


    I heard the security and manager rushing towards me. As soon as they saw the sight of Jaime, they decided to shut me down...


    I woke again in the storage closet with a sign around my neck saying: "Out of Order". I started to cry. I didn't want any of this to happen. Not to Jaime. Not to me. Not to anyone. I just wanted to see people smile...


    That night...I got a visit from a man entirely covered in purple. After he opened the door and entered, he sank down to where he was eye level with me, before grinning and whispering:


"I'm glad to know there's another killer in this wretched place.~"


    I felt my eyes burn before everything went black. My life as an animatronic would never be the same again...


Forgive me, Jaime. Forgive me.

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