His lost girl.

(Once Upon A Time Fanfiction)
Peter Pan's lost girl, every lost boy knows that she is his, and they know not to mess with her, but do they know her story? Do they know Pan's story?
You want to find out?
Read the story.


3. The boy.

Henry's POV: (A/N: HA! I bet you thought it was going to be Amelia's POV didn't you! Well just wait.)

~At Granny's~

"Mom, everyone, look at this." I called looking at the book, it was writing its own chapter!

"What is it, kid?" Emma asked sitting next to me.

"The book, it's writing a new chapter on it's own." I told them looking at the book, words and paper were just appearing in it.  

"There's nothing there Henry." David said and I looked up to them.

"But there is, why can't you see it?" I asked then Mom put her hand over the book.

"It's magic, it will only let you see it Henry, tell us what you see." She said and I nodded and looked at the book.

"I see a girl, she has black hair, and green eyes, she looks sixteen or seventeen. She's with a boy that looks her age, he as a golden type of brown hair, and brown eyes." I stopped so the book could show me more, but Emma saw Gold in the corner of her eye, and he had fear? In his eyes, why would he have fear.

"Henry? Does it say the girls name?" He asked, and I look back to the book.

"Amelia...Why do you need to know?" I asked and his face paled.

"Just wondering." He said and I went back to the book.


~Amelia's POV~ (A/N: HAHA! I left you hanging about her story, but don't worry, you'll see it soon.)

(Outfit in the link  https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/f5/0f/89/f50f890dedc94aa6caeaa074bc5721ce.jpg )

The lost boys were training with me right now, while Peter was talking about something with Felix.

"Alright boys!" I called and they stopped to look at me. "I want all of you to do fifteen laps around the camp, then do twenty pushups, and jumping jacks." I told them, and one kid, I don't know his name since he was new, spoke up.

"Why should we do all of that? And why are you here? You're the only girl here." He said, and I saw every lost boy that wasn't new stop talking and looked at us wide eyed, even Peter and Felix stopped talking.

"I'm sorry, but what did you just say to me?" I asked taking a step closer to him, and he looked like I was a kicked puppy.

"Why should we listen to some weak girl?" He asked, and I smirked, and turned around acting like I was going to leave, but turned sharply and threw my knife barely missing his head, and I think he peed his pants.

"Still think I'm some 'Weak girl' ?" I asked putting air quotes around 'Weak girl'.

"You could have killed me!" He cried, and I rolled my eyes.

"That's why you listen to me, I can stop a knife, arrow, or anything before it gets within a centimeter in front of me. I trained all of the lost boys here, and none of them have died, they all have experienced what you just did, and all of them moved before the blade just a foot in front of them, the only reason they could do so is because I trained them. So I suggest you start running." I said and then everyone started running like someone was going to kill them. "Oh, new kid, you have another twenty laps, pushups and jumping jacks, along with thirty crunches." I told him, then I walked over the a log and sat down.

A minute later I heard a chuckle, so I looked behind me and saw Peter.

"You showed him." He told me, and I just shrugged.

"I'm sick of everyone always thinking just because I'm a girl I can't do what they can!" I exclaimed glaring at the ground.

"Well, you can do something about that." He said and I looked over to him, and surprise, surprise, he was smirking.

"What in the worlds could I do?" I asked and he shrugged.

"You could, yell, punch, kick, scream, and my favorite, Fight." He suggested, and I sighed.

"Nah, Nope, Nuh uh, that would just make me look like a wimp, and someone would die if I did that, and by someone, I mean that kid." I told him standing up, and he looked confused.

"Where are you going?" He asked standing up as well, and I just turned around and started walking, with a smirk on my face.

"Exploring, plus, those idiots that are bringing the boy need to talk to their 'Boss', and I want to make sure they aren't doing anything stupid." I told him, and I could tell he nodded, then we both left.



A/N: How was it? Did you like the first chapter? I hope you did, BYE!


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