His lost girl.

(Once Upon A Time Fanfiction)
Peter Pan's lost girl, every lost boy knows that she is his, and they know not to mess with her, but do they know her story? Do they know Pan's story?
You want to find out?
Read the story.


2. Just so you know (Not a chapter)

So this is so you don't get confused.

Peter is Rumpelstiltskin's son. I know in Once Upon a time, he was Rumple's father, but I'm changing it.

So that means that Peter is Neill's brother, but Peter was born first! So Henry's family tree is different, I'll show you.

Emma is Henry's mother, Regina is his Great grandmother/ adoptive mother, Snow is his grandmother, and David is his Grandfather.

Neill is his father, and Gold is his Grandfather, so that makes Peter, Henry's uncle, and Amelia like his aunt. Because she's Pan's girlfriend.

Oh! Amelia also has magic like Pan does.

Okay, I think that's all! BYE! 😘

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