Mini Vengers (Avengers fanfiction)

Six children were abandoned by their parents by age eight because of their powers, they were able to hide from the world, until one day Director Nick Fury found the kids, and their powers. What will happen when Fury wants the kids to be taken to S.H.I.E.L.D.


5. What the Surge house looks like.


So I thought you guys might want to know what the base that the Surge(The kids) stay at. so here you go.

The base:

The house:

The Kitchen:

The living room:

The dining room:

Downstairs Bathroom:

Upstairs loft:

Singer and Shifter's Bedroom:

Tiny's Bedroom:

Shadow's Bedroom:

Angel and Flinch's Bedroom:

Upstairs bathroom #1:

Upstairs bathroom #2:


AND THAT'S ALL! Sorry if the links don't work, but you can always copy and paste the links to see the house.

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