Mini Vengers (Avengers fanfiction)

Six children were abandoned by their parents by age eight because of their powers, they were able to hide from the world, until one day Director Nick Fury found the kids, and their powers. What will happen when Fury wants the kids to be taken to S.H.I.E.L.D.


1. Meet the kids:

Name: Darcy Johnson.
Age: 13.
Looks: Blonde hair and brown eyes.
Nickname: Singer.
Powers: Shape Shifting, and when she sings or screams, it blasts people away, like Black Canary from Justice League.
 Family: A sister, named Katie.
Relationship: Has a boyfriend, named Jack.
Personality: Outgoing, Hyper, Happy, Creative, and Carefree.

Name: Jack Gilinsky.
Age: 14.
Looks: Jet black hair, and light blue eyes.
Nickname: Shadow.
Powers: Can control his shadow to do anything he wants it to.
Family: None.
Relationship: Has a girlfriend, named Darcy.
Personality: Quiet, Smart, Protective, Calm, and brave.

Name: Katie Johnson.
Age: 14.
Looks: Blonde hair, and grey eyes.
Nickname: Shifter.
Powers: Can shape shift into animals.
Family: A sister, named Darcy.
Relationship: None.
Personality: Optimistic, Kind, Calm, Protective, and Smart.

Name: Luke Hemmings.
Age: 13.
Looks: light brown hair, and brown eyes.
Nickname: Flinch.
Powers: Can turn invisible.
Family: a little brother, named Josh, and a twin sister named Angie.
Relationship: None.
Personality: Jumpy, Fun, Hyper, Protective, and silly!

Name: Angie Hemmings.
Age: 13.
Looks: Blonde hair, and brown eyes.
Nickname: Angel.
Powers: Has Angel wings.
Family: A little brother. Named Josh, and a twin brother named Luke.
Relationship: None.
Personality: Brave, Hyper, Creative, Smart, and Protective.


Name: Josh Hemmings.
Age: 9.
Looks: Blonde hair, and blue grey eyes.
Nickname: Tiny.
Powers: Can make holograms of himself 5 max.
Family: A older sister, named Angie, and an older brother, named Luke.
Relationship: None……. HE’S NINE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!
Personality: Hyper, Tricky, Clever, Crazy, and Creative.


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