Mini Vengers (Avengers fanfiction)

Six children were abandoned by their parents by age eight because of their powers, they were able to hide from the world, until one day Director Nick Fury found the kids, and their powers. What will happen when Fury wants the kids to be taken to S.H.I.E.L.D.


4. Chapter Three:



Darcy's POV:

After we ate our pizza, we decided to watch a movie...But everyone wanted to watch different things.

"I want to watch chick flick!" Angel told us.

"No horror!" Shadow and Flinch yelled.

"No Comedy!" Tiny yelled.

"No! Mystery!" Shifter yelled.

"Why don't we just watch-" I got cut off by everyone yelling at me.

"NO!" Then I got made, so I took a deep breath and screamed, blasting everyone into a wall.

"EVERYONE BE QUITE!" I yelled. "Why don't we just watch 'Home'?" I asked, and they nodded their heads in fear.

~Skip to after the movie because I don't want to get in trouble by putting in something from the movie......Also, go see the movie 'Home' because it's awesome!~

"THAT.WAS.AMAZING!" I yelled with Tiny, making everyone laugh.

"Let's watch another movie." Shifter said, so we watched '101 Dalmatians'

~After the movie because I don't know what happens..I've never seen the movie 😥

Half way though the movie I fell asleep, along with Shifter, Angel, and Tiny. And soon after Shadow and Flinch followed after.


~~Clint's POV <Hawkeye>

It was finally the day when we have to get the kids, right now we're in a jet on our way to get them.

"Did you know that Darcy can sing?" Tony asked us, and we looked at him like he was stupid. Which he was. (Me: Meanie.)

"Her nickname is 'Singer' Stark." Steve told him.

"Yeah, but look, she makes YouTube videos too, here's one of her song." He said, and pulled up a video. (Link: I do NOT own the song, but Subscribe to LaurenBonnell24 on YouTube to hear more of her beautiful music!!! Also the video to the song is at the top of the chapter.)

"Wow." Nat said, and everyone nodded.

"I thought she blasts things into walls when she sings or screams?" Steve said.

"She probably has extra control under the volume of her voice." Bruce said.

"We're here." The pilot told us, so we started getting ready.



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