Mini Vengers (Avengers fanfiction)

Six children were abandoned by their parents by age eight because of their powers, they were able to hide from the world, until one day Director Nick Fury found the kids, and their powers. What will happen when Fury wants the kids to be taken to S.H.I.E.L.D.


12. Chapter Seven:



A/N: Hey! Long time no see! I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. BUT! I'm going to try and make this chapter the BEST CHAPTER EVER! Hope ya like it! BYE!


Darcy's POV:

We were able to escape! Thanks to Shadow's shadow, named Denis.

We were running as far away from that place as possible, we stopped in an alley about ten blocks away.

"We did it!" Tiny cheered. "We're free!".

"Not yet, we still need to find somewhere to stay." Shadow told him while everyone was catching their breath.

"Can't we go home?" Flinch asked, Katie shook her head.

"No, one, we won't be able to get their soon without flying, two, that's the first place they'd look." She told us.

"Let's keep walking." I told them, then we started walking, not knowing where we're going, and just following Molly.


Soon we came across an abandoned and broken down house. (Pic in the next chapter.)

"Are we staying here?" Angel asked, Katie nodded.

"It's the only thing we have." She said before telling us the plan. "Singer, Flinch and I will go inside, while the rest of you look outside. Got it?" She asked, and we all nodded.

"Why Singer and Flinch?" Tiny asked.

"Singer's powers are very powerful, and Flinch can go invisible, that seems like a good enough reason for me." She told him, then we went inside the house.



"Alright, Sing, you go upstairs, Flinch, you're downstairs, I'll stay on this floor, yell if you need something." She said, then I coughed. "Er, okay, Sing, just jump out a window if something happens." She told me once she realized that if I yell, the house will be broken down...

I went upstairs like I was told. (The whole house will be in the next chapter.) I went to the first room I saw, it was a master bedroom, it was really dusty. "Ugh, this is nasty." I said under my breath, then started looking.


I was in the third bedroom when I heard an ear splitting scream.  I freaked out and jumped out the window. Luckily I fell on Angel.

"Ugghhh." Angel said on the ground.

"What was that?!" Tiny asked, then we all ran inside to see Katie on the floor laughing, and Flinch blushing while telling her to shut up.

"F-Flinch screamed over a bird!" She said between her laughs, then we all laughed with her.



A/N: I feel horrible! I saw that I was spelling Angel wrong, then I called Shifter 'Molly' when her name is 'Katie'!

I'm really sorry everyone, I'll go change that RIGHT now!

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