Mini Vengers (Avengers fanfiction)

Six children were abandoned by their parents by age eight because of their powers, they were able to hide from the world, until one day Director Nick Fury found the kids, and their powers. What will happen when Fury wants the kids to be taken to S.H.I.E.L.D.


2. Chapter One:

~~Darcy’s POV <Singer> (Main Character):
Today was just like any normal day, it was calm (not) and quiet (Nope).
Angel (Angie), was taking a nap on the couch.
Flinch (Luke) and Tiny (Josh) were playing with some cards.
Shifter (Katie) was baking a cake.
Shadow (Jack) was just sitting and watching everyone.
While all of this was happing, I was being my hyper self, and trying to steal some soda when Shifty wasn’t looking.
“YES! I WON!” Flinch yelled throwing cards on the floor, making Angel jump in surprise, and Shadow was looking at them like they were stupid, then Tiny looked mad at Flinch.
Soon Flinch started running in circles screaming, and Shifty got mad so she stomped in the living room where everyone else was, so I took this as my chance to steal the soda.
Shadow looked right at me once I had the soda in my hand, he had an amused look on his face when I started chugging down the soda.
Once I finished chugging the soda, I started running around like a crazy person yelling like Flinch, then Tiny smirked and made a hologram of himself and when Flinch ran back into the room, the hologram put his foot out making Flinch trip and fall, but he turned invisible so we couldn’t see him fall, we still heard the ‘thump’ sound though.
Then Shifty finally noticed me running around screaming about crazy stuff, so she face-palmed, and glared at Shadow.
“What, happened?!” She yelled waving her arms, while I was jumping around.
“I DRANK DA SODA!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” I yelled jumping around even more.
“Is that true?” She asked Shadow, and he nodded smirking. “And you just watched her do it?! Not stopping her?!” She yelled again.
“Free country.” He said shrugging, then I jumped out the window.
Don’t worry! We were on the first floor, so I was fine.
~After Darcy calmed down~
After I calmed down (Which consisted everyone locking me in a room for an hour) we were all bored.
“Let’s play hide and seek, NOT IT!” Flinch yelled, then it took us a minuet.
“Not it!”
“Not it!”
“Not- Man!” Tiny yelled kicking his foot out, but we all smirked and ran outside.
Shifty ran under cars, Angel hid behind a tree, Flinch was behind the house, and I was just looking around trying to find somewhere, when Shadow grabbed my hand and pulled me to a tree.
“Up here.” He said and started climbing up, so I followed.
“Do you always hide here?” I asked once we got to the top, and he nodded smirking.
“You guys never try and look up here.” He said, and I hit his shoulder.
“You made me look for you for two hours!” I glared at him poking him in the face until he swatted my hand away, making me laugh quietly.

Soon Tiny ran out of the house looking for all of us.


Clint’s POV <Hawkeye>:
The Avengers and I just got back from a long mission when Fury called us to see him, and ALL of us were mad, because we haven’t slept in five days!
“I called you up here because you all have a new mission.” Fury said handing us files, when I looked though them, I saw that inside were files for kids. Or preteens, teens? I don’t know, they’re 9-13-14.
“They’re kids?” Nat questioned, and everyone nodded.
“They have powers, we set up cameras to watch them, but we need you to bring them to Stark Tower.” Fury said turning on the large TV, and a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes showed up on the screen.
“Darcy Johnson.” Fury started. “13 years old. Very hyper, and carefree, she’s more of the, I guess you could say, wild child, she’s more daring to do things her friends wouldn’t, she has the power to shape shift, and has high frequency screams, that can knock you into California.” He said, then pushed a button, and a boy with black hair and blue eyes showed up.
“Jack Gilinsky.” He said. “14 years old, Quiet, and protective over his friends, he’s very protective over Darcy- “He got cut off by Tony.
“Someone has a girlfriend.” Tony teased and Nat hit him on the head, making him shut up.
“What about his powers, sir?” Steve asked and Fury looked annoyed.
“We don’t know, either he does have powers, but he doesn’t use them, or, he’s just trying to stay with his friends.” He said, then Tony asked if Darcy is Jack’s girlfriend.
“Yes, Stark, she is his girlfriend.” Fury said rolling his eyes eye, and pushed the button, and a girl with blonde hair and grey eyes showed up on the screen.
“Katie Johnson, 14 years old, she’s protective over her friends, very protective over her little sister Darcy. She’s more of the motherly type to the kids, she can shape shift into any animal- “He got cut off by Stark again.
“She stole her sister’s powers?!” He said jokingly.
“Yes Stark, Katie stole her younger sister’s powers, no, their family had a history with shape shifters, so Katie and Darcy are shape shifters as well.” Fury said looking serious.
“Oh.” Everyone said nodding, Fury pressed the button once again.
“Luke Hemmings, 13 years old, he’s protective over his friends and family, very protective over his younger sister, brother, and Darcy Johnson- “Again, Stark cut him off.
“Does Luke have a crush?” He teased, and everyone rolled their eyes, then Nat and Steve slapped him on the back of the head.
 “Ow! Fine, I’ll shut up! Just stop hitting me!” Tony yelled, making everyone (But Fury) smirk.
~After showing the Avengers the kids’ profiles~
“When are we going to get them?” Nat asked and Fury turned around to look at her.
“In the morning.” He said and walked away, leaving all of us to mentally scream, cry, and beg for rest.

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