get well soon ➵ luke hemmings au

"roses are dead
violets are crying
I'm in a hospital
they say I'm dying"

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6. 06

the nameless girl is crazy

her beauty is sane

and I'm going

out of my mind

just thinking about her

as shes in a mental hospital

for the sick minded

lately I've been writing

writing about her

the way she struts with

so much confidence

but looks at her shoes

with none

I shouldn't be

writing about her

but she makes perfect poetry

"oh so sweet lips

trapped in this daze

eyes shine im so

taken in her gaze

her heart is pure red

while everything else

is beige"

every time I think of her

fireworks boom and break

in my head

I don't even know her name

the mystery is

driving me insane

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