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"roses are dead
violets are crying
I'm in a hospital
they say I'm dying"

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5. 05

after the incident

in the record shop

I haven't spoke to sad or Lana

or whatever her name is

but nevertheless

my day must go on

I mustn't fuss about the

strange but beautiful girl.

today is wednesday

every wednesday I visit

my best friend Ashton

Ashton is well...


he is sick, he's sick with no fix

but Ashton is my best friend

and he always will be


that's when I see her

yes, her

the nameless girl

from the record shop

my head dizzied

at the sight of her

but something was different

something was wrong

the nameless beauty

was in sunny ridge mental hospital

the nameless beauty

was in a patients gown.

I started to panic

as she walked towards me,

then right past me

as if I was invisible

sadly I couldn't waste time

Ashton was expecting me

at 1 o'clock sharp.

I continue my walk to

Ashton's hold

room 194

at the very end of the hall,

the very end of the hall

of sunny ridge mental hospital

"Luke!" Ashton ran towards me

my arms open for him

a smile on my face

but sadness in my eyes

Ashton is sick

he's sick with no fix

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