get well soon ➵ luke hemmings au

"roses are dead
violets are crying
I'm in a hospital
they say I'm dying"

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4. 04

my eyes scan over the records

in front of me

labeled "Iron Maiden"

and "sad" beside me

I still don't know her name

"so when are you

going to tell me your name?"

my lips start to shake

her eyes burn through me

almost as if she can

hear what I'm thinking

"why do you give

a damn about me?"

she asks quite harshly

"because your beautiful

when if you don't see it"

I whisper so quietly

"I'm just a teenage dirtbag"

her eyes avoiding my gaze

starring at her ratted sneakers

"oh yeah dirtbag?"

I laugh at her remark

she is anything but

out of nowhere she walked away

I suddenly start to panic

was if something I did?

I followed closely behind her

her hands reached for a record

labeled "Lana Del Ray"

is a swift motion

she broke the record

right on her upper thigh

my mouth dropped open

surprised by her actions

before she began picking up

the piece is the record

putting each piece back into

the cardboard casing

and turning around to face me

with the record still in her hands

"what the hell?"

completely confused,

what just happened?

"oh hey Luke,

what are you doing here?"

she asked

I just starred

unsure on how to react

"u-uh hi?"

I managed to spit out

"fancy seeing you here!"

she giggled

which turned into a squeal

once again

"y-you never did tell me

your name?"

still in total shock

I fumble on my feet


she looked down at the

record for an answer

and finding one

" Lana, Lana Del Ray"

that's when I realized

she's a little crazy

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