get well soon ➵ luke hemmings au

"roses are dead
violets are crying
I'm in a hospital
they say I'm dying"

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3. 03

it's been a week

since I saw the nameless

tragedy, sad

I've got a war in my mind

arguing to call her or wait

fiddling the piece of paper

with ten simple numbers on it

"fuck it" I mumble

before punching the number

in to my phone

letting it ring,

she picked up

and my mind went blank

"hello?" her soft voice asked

her words smooth as butter

"h-hello it's Luke,

from the record shop"

I pray she remembers me

because I can never

forget her

"oh Luke hey!"

as excited as she sounds

she must remember

a weight lifts off my shoulders

knowing this nameless beauty

didn't forget about

little old luke

"I was wondering if you

wanted to join me tonight

for a visit at the old 

record shop, on main street?"

the silence was unbearable

"it would be my pleasure"

she giggles turning into a

high pitch squeal

"I'll meet you there at seven sharp"

that's the last I heard

before the line went dead

she sounded happy

even when she's sad

she was the most beautiful

girl to walk the earth

in my eyes

but my eyes are sad

sad depressed dead

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