A Careless Man's Careful Daughter

Brittany Leigh Rhodes Is a girl who just started her second year ofHigh school and just as everything seems ok her entire life goes to hell and she finds out she's not who she thought she was and her entire life was a lie. Read her story and find out her life story.


2. Prologue


"No Tianna I'm going to hopefully see him today. If not then I will call him tonight." I said to my best friend, Tianna Hanson, she has blond hair and green eyes but right now her hair is dyed red and my blond hair is dyed to different types of blue. She is also taller then me like everyone else.

"Come on Britt, you have fallen so far for this guy. I think I might have lost you to him." She said.

"You have not lost me to Larry. I'm dating him, that doesn't mean he owns me." I explained to her. We were currently talking about the fact that she felt like she was losing me to my boyfriend, Larry Day.

Him and I have been dating for five months. Well other then the month we were broken up but that's a different story I'll tell another time.          

"Promise?" She asked me.           

"Promise." I responded and we hooked middle fingers. See we have this thing where we use the middle finger instead of the pinky finger to promise because the pinky finger doesn't swear. Yeah we are weird, but we own our weirdness.       

Just then the first bell went off and we both went the same way. We have the same first class. Woman's choir. We walked in and found our seats and sat down and waited for our teacher, Mr. Mick. We started talking about everything that went down over summer break and we did that until the bell went off marking the beginning of class. Mr. Mick walked in and started taking attendance and an ex-best friend of mine, Isabel Thurston, walked over to where we were sitting.     

"Hey B can I talk to you alone?" She asked me. I was confused but said yes and Isabel asked Mr. Mick if we could talk in the commons. he nodded and we walked out there.      

"What do you want Isabel you didn't want to talk to me the rest of the school year and you didn't try to talk to me all summer?" I asked her.      

"I don't know besides to tell you that I still don't like you."     

"Cool that's not my problem." I stated.     

"Okay fine I guess that's all then. Besides do you know she actually did commit suicide this summer?" She asked me. I nodded and looked at my feet.     

"Fine whatever. You can go if you want to." I started to walk past her when I felt something stab me. I looked dow and saw a knife in Isabel's hand and one end was deep inside my left side. I couldn't breath all I felt was pain. Someone walked in and Isabel tried to run but she just pulled the knife down in her hurry to get away. I fell to my knees and then everything went black.  


I woke up and heard different sounds all around me. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was that there were a lot of people around me but the one that stuck out was that Larry was here. I tried to say something but my throat was to drop to talk so I groaned and finally got the people's attention. Larry walked up next to me and helped me sit up, which I was already failing at, and handed me a glass of water. I took a huge drink.     

"Hey Britt you ok." He asked me. I turned to him and gave him a dirty look.      

"No I'm perfectly fine. It's not like I'm in a hospital bed with a huge scar on my side from a knife Isabel Thurston decided to stab me with." I said sarcastically.     

"Sorry I asked." He said before he tried to walk away but I grabbed his wrist with my left hand and a pain shot through my side and I yelled and fell back. He was right next to me again making sure I was ok.     

"I'm sorry I acted that way. My sarcastic attitude is the mechanism I use to hide the fact that I am in a lot of pain right now. I'm sorry Larry." I said to him.      

"Hey babe it's ok. I shouldn't have just walked away like I was going to. I just hate seeing you like this." He said.     

"Yeah I know."     

"Britt," I turn to my other side and saw my mother. I smiled she smiled back at me. "Britt we have some bad news." I gave then a confused look.     

"Brittany we are going to go away for three months and we are going to stay in Colorado while you heal. I don't want we don't want you here while she is still free. Her trial is in three months and depending on how that goes we will then come back but I don't want you here." My step dad Aaron explained to me.      

"And what if the trial doesn't go the way we want?" I asked them scared of there answer.     

"It most likely will go well but if it doesn't you will be staying with your aunt and we will have to come back." My mom explained.     

"So you basically are forcing me to move from the only place I've ever considered home?" I heard my voice start to raise.     

"I'm sorry hun but we have to do this in order to keep you safe." My mom told me.     

"No I'm not going I have school what am I supposed to do for school?" I asked my voice getting louder. I turned to Larry to see if he could help.     

"I'm sorry Britt but I agree with them." He told me. I groaned and leaned back.      

"Britt we're sorry but we are just trying to do whats best for you." My mom told me. I kept my eyes closed and someone walked in.     

"I'm sorry you have to leave young man and you guys can stay but I'm going to give her something for the pain that will more than likely put her to sleep." A woman told them and everyone left with staying their own goodbye. Larry and my mother kissed my forehead and my step dad just said goodbye. When I couldn't hear their footsteps anymore I opened my eyes and saw a nurse put something in the IV I had on and I started to feel the pain go away and then a wave of sleepiness started to get to me and I closed my eyes one last time for the day.  

Three weeks later......       

"Come on Britt we are leaving and some people want to say goodbye." My mom called. I had finally stopped being mad at everyone for wanting me to leave because I realized they were just trying to keep me safe. I grabbed the last bag I had and walked out the door to see all of my friends standing in the driveway. They were all either crying or smiling at me the one person I didn't see was Larry. I walked over to them anyone and gave them all a huge and we said our goodbyes. I know that I'm only going to be gone for a couple months but it felt like I was leaving forever. I started crying along with them. Suddenly a car pulled up and Larry jumped out and ran up to me and hugged me and kissed me.         

"Oh god get a room." Tianna said. I pulled away from the kiss and started laughing. Everyone else started joining in on the laughing and I gave Larry one last hug and kiss and pulled out the envelope I had planned on putting in the mailbox to send to Larry's house but he was here now so I figured I would give it to him now. I gave it to him.     

"Please don't hate me for this. I love you so much. Goodbye." I said so only he could hear me and turned to everyone else.

"Goodbye guys see you soon." I waved at them and got into the car. Everyone backed up so my mom could pull out of the driveway and onto the main road to Colorado.  

Later that night....Larry's POV       

"I'm going to go to my room." I yelled over the noise in the kitchen. I walked in and sat on my bed. I took out the envelope and opened it up and pulled out the letter. It was two pages long and it was done every other line. I smiled because it was just like Britt to do something like this. I opened the letter and started reading it.  


I know I'm only going to be gone for two months and I won't be able to use my phone as often as I would like to, so I wrote this to tell you the biggest thing I will ever have to tell you.     

I love you so much you mean so much to me. I would literally never trade you for anything and before the beginning of the summer we decided to give our relationship one last try, and trust me no one I know thought that was a good idea my dad yelled at me my big sister gave me a lecture and my friends decided to stop talking to me for it. But in the end it was my decision and I didn't care what others thought or tried to do because we were back together. To me all that mattered was that I had you back in my life and that was amazing to me. And the last few months with you have been just as amazing. I went on my very first date with you I learned quite a few new things and this summer has been the best summer of my life and I can only thank you for that. The thing is I have some bad news. I am moving and I don't know if I want to be in a long distance relationship and honestly I'm terrified because I know that it will be a lot easier to hide from me that your dating someone else while you are with me so I am sorry to say. I am breaking up with you. Trust me I did want to do this in person but I was terrified I would chicken out. I am really sorry I just don't trust you enough yet and I have learned to trust you with a lot of things but this I haven't been able to forget and I don't know if I ever will. I have forgiven you for what you did but I never learned to trust you in that area I really am sorry I hope we can still talk becasue I do mean it when I say you mean the world to me. I do love you I just don't trust myself or you completely yet. Please don't hate me for this. I am really sorry. Don't do anything stupid because of this, don't hurt yourself, don't hurt anyone else. We might be able to try this again but not when I am almost 1,000 miles away from you. I do love you.

Goodbye Larry.  

Love, Britt  

I felt something drop on my hand and I saw that I was crying. Why would she do this I thought she trusted me again but obviously not. I fell back on my bed and just laid there for the rest of the night. What was I going to do without her here? What was I going to do with out HER?  

A month and two weeks later....... Britt's POV       

"Mom, We are out of pads." I said from the bathroom.     

"Ok hun we will do get some. Everyone has to come though." My mom responded.     

"That's fine." I walked out of the bathroom and we all headed out the door into the car. I had a bad feeling about right now but I wasn't going to let it bother me.      

"Ok, the good thing is I still have money to get them." Mom said once we started driving.     

"Sorry mom I should told you before." I responded. She nodded and we pulled up to a stop light.      

"Mom can we get something at the store for Aaron's birthday?" Kaitlynn my little sister asked.     

"Not tonight." She responded.     


"No." My mom said before something hit the back of the van and we were pushed into traffic and the next thing I knew the car was spinning and the boys were screaming along with my little sister. Then the car stopped spinning and everything went back. I was then thrown awake by the sound of sirens. I looked around me once my vision was no longer black and I saw we were upside down. I looked at my little sister and she had a piece of glass sticking out of her neck and she was bleeding out. I looked at my brothers and both of their necks looked like they were broken. Same with my step dad my mom was hurt badly but she was still alive.      

"Mom." I said through the tears I didn't even realize I had.     "Britt calm down and breathe ok everything is going to be ok." She told me.     

"Mom their all dead." I said my voice raising.     

"Calm down Brittany we will be fine!" She yelled. I started crying really badly. Then I started getting lightheaded and I passed out again.       

I woke up in a blue room and I looked around. There were tubes all around me. I sat up and looked around more. I saw an open door and stood up and walked over to it. I looked out and there was a nurse. He looked up from the papers he was writing on and saw me.     

"Um Miss you can't be out here you need to be resting." He told me. I tried to say sorry but my throat was too dry. I ended up coughing instead. He grabbed my arm lightly and brought me back to my bed and I sat there and he handed me a glass of water. I drank it all fast.     

"Slow down there hun your going to give yourself a headache." He said chuckling. I put the cup down and looked at him.     

"Thank you and um, I'm sorry I went out there I was just curious." I told him.     

"It's fine. Um I'm Josh by the way the nurse who is going to be here for you for the rest of the weekend." He said. I got confused.     

"I thought it was Sunday I mean the accident happened on a Friday." I said. Then I was reminded. My family was dead but my mom. "Where's my mom what happened to her." I asked.     

"The accident happened a week ago and your mom, I'm sorry to say she died in surgery on Wednesday." He explained.      

That meant I was all alone. My entire family died in an accident that could have not happened because I waited to tell my mom. I started crying and I laid back down on my bed and Josh left me to cry. I cried myself back to sleep.


Two days later.................          

"Brittany you need to wake up." I was woken up by Josh saying that. I opened my eyes and turned and looked at him. "We are going to have to let you out today because there is nothing physically wrong with you right now so. Um there is one of your friends outside that brought some clothes for you." He gave me a stack of clothes and walked out. I got up and walked to the bathroom and changed. The shirt was a black tank top and it had a black leather jacket to go over it. Next was the black leather skinny jeans and I was about ready to walk out there and say I wasn't wearing them but it was the only clothes I had so I put them on. There was something in the pocket and I took it out and it was a vile that read "Drink" so I figured Josh gave it too me and I opened it and drank it. I suddenly felt dizzy so I leaned against the sink and sat there for like three minutes and then I felt better and walked out of the bathroom and headed out of the room and got on the heels that were with the clothes and I saw Josh he turned and saw me and he looked like I was going to faint.   

"You look different." He said kind of stuttering.     

"No shit Sherlock." I said as I smiled at him. He smiled back. He then cleared his throat and spoke.     

"Ok so um that friend of yours is just down the hall by the door."      

"Thank you." I said and I started walking towards the door. I walked up to it and opened the door.      

"You know that guy is like twenty six right?" I heard. I looked around to find the source but I saw no one. 'I'm going crazy.' I thought. Then A huge headache hit me fast and I fell to my knees and everything went black again for the third time in the last three months.   ***************************************************************************************************************************************************     

I woke up and I looked around and I was in a car and I saw some guy in the driver seat with pale blond hair and green eyes. I knew him from somewhere I knew it. I sat up and looked at where we were and I didn't even recognize where we were.     

"Where are we and who are you?" I asked him.     

"First of all we are home and second of all I am your twin brother Jonathan." He stated.      

"That's impossible I don't have a twin brother and I don't know this place." I told him. He laughed.     

"Oh trust me you will."  and the thing is I did trust him and that is what scared me so I did something I've never dreamed of ever doing.     

I opened the car door and jumped out before he could do anything. I slid to the side of the road and started walking the other way. I heard the car turn around violently and it pulled to a stop three feet in front of me. The door opened and the guy got out.     

"What the hell is wrong with you are you trying to get yourself killed?" He yelled.     

"No. Your basically kidnapping me and I'm trying to get away." I said right back to him.     

"No I'm bringing you home trust me please Alex." He said.     "My name is Brittany not Alex and I do trust you that's what scares me. I trust you more then I have ever trusted anyone and I don't even know you!" I start yelling.      

"You are not Brittany. You are Alexandria Beth Morganstern and you are a shadowhunter. My name is Jonathan Christopher Morganstern and I am your twin brother. I wiped your memory a few years back because I was trying to protect you from our father but he wants you back now and he will do anything to get you home now and I can't risk him hurting you when you don't even remember." He yelled.      Suddenly flashbacks started and I saw everything. I saw my real past. I saw everything that my brother had taken from me. I opened my eyes and a light glowed from the ground and surrounded me and I saw the runes show on my skin and the light faded. I was back Alexandria Beth Morganstern was back and all hell was going to break loose. I transported myself back to the house I used to call home and I walked up to the door and knocked. The door opened and I saw my father for the first time in three years. He saw me and smiled.     

"Your back." He said. I nodded and he let me in. I walked in and turned to look at him. He saw what I was wearing and looked disgusted.     "Go to your room and change please." I nodded and walked to my room. He had said please maybe he had changed.  

Three years later...............     

 I was wrong he hadn't changed he was still the same ignorant asshole I had last seen him as. the last three years were hell he beat me worse than he ever had and things had changed. I was fifteen when I got back and now I'm 18 and he has only gotten worse. I completely stopped talking and my father put a link between Jonathan and my mind what ever I was thinking Jonathan would know. It sucked because Jonathan was forced to tell dad everything I was thinking so I just stopped trusting Jonathan all together. I stopped talking and I had stopped thinking for myself.     

Six months ago I had tried to talk to Jonathan but when he looked at me his eyes were no longer green and he had dyed his hair black. He was also a lot meaner. He had laughed and walked away when I looked at him. I hadn't seen him since he left shortly after that. Dad came back periodically but only to make sure I was still doing what I should and if I wasn't I would get beat.     

I was working on cleaning the floor on the first level of the house and I heard something big fall on the floor upstairs. The only thing I was thinking about was that I had done something wrong. I ran upstairs and checked every room until I got to Jonathan's old room. I hadn't been in here in years. I slowly opened the door. I saw someone on the floor and I ran to the person and turned and saw it was my brother. I also saw he had been stabbed in the shoulder and he was so close to dying. He woke up suddenly and looked at me. His eyes were green again. I stood up and grabbed one of his black t-shirts from his closet and pressed it to his wound.     

"That's not going to do anything. I have fire inside me. Heavenly fire." He said.     

"Your going to be fine J I promise." I said. I knew how to get the fire out of him anyways. Dad had taught me when I was 16. It was the one thing he hid from Jonathan. I pressed my hand to his wound and said what dad had taught me.      

"Earth, air, fire, and water, all of which I call upon. I call upon the fire from the heavens and I beg you leave this body." I whispered. The fire slowly started wrapping around my arm and it burned I started whimpering and I heard Jonathan start screaming. I then saw the fire lift from my arm and start spiraling above the two of us and when all of it was in the spiral a portal opened next to J and all of it was sucked through the portal and then it was gone.      

We were both breathing hard and I laid back on the ground and I passed out for the first time in years.   ***************************************************************************************************************************************************      I woke up to the sound of someone walking around in the room. I opened my eyes and saw Jonathan pacing. He had put me in his bed. I groaned and he looked at me. He looked like he was relieved. I sat up and looked around. I stood up and walked over to Jonathan and hugged him. He instantly hugged me back and then let go and stepped back. "Alex I need to know how you did that." He told me.

"Dad taught me how a while back." I explained.

Suddenly a piece of paper flew into the room and landed next to my foot. I picked it up and read it

I'm coming to get you and this time you both are dead.


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