A Careless Man's Careful Daughter

Brittany Leigh Rhodes Is a girl who just started her second year ofHigh school and just as everything seems ok her entire life goes to hell and she finds out she's not who she thought she was and her entire life was a lie. Read her story and find out her life story.


1. Introductions


Once upon a time.........nah that's to cliche, um how about um, once in a far away land.......um defiantly not sounds like I'm starting star wars and I'm not trust me I don't like star wars so yeah. How about I just start with telling you all who I am.

Hi, my name is Alexandria Beth Morgenstern, but you all know me as Brittany Leigh Rhodes. Mainly because I had to have a different identity while I was hiding from someone. I have almost white blond hair and green eyes. I have a boyfriend who is almost four years older then me, a best girl friend who is just as crazy as me and a few friends I met through my boyfriend. I also have a twin brother who is a half an hour younger then me - haha to him and please don't tell him I told you that or he will kill me. 

I am twenty years old and like every twenty year old I have a story, but mine is different. Sure mine has romance and drama but mine is more dangerous and it will lead me to find out who I truly am. Mine tells you of a life where your mother doesn't even know your alive and a father who wants to kill you just for being his daughter.

I'm not going to tell you anymore then this. People said shadowhunters weren't real well they are and all the stories are true now it's time to get my point of view out there. Shadowhunters are real and I am one. Here's my story. 


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