A Careless Man's Careful Daughter

Brittany Leigh Rhodes Is a girl who just started her second year ofHigh school and just as everything seems ok her entire life goes to hell and she finds out she's not who she thought she was and her entire life was a lie. Read her story and find out her life story.


5. Chapter 2

Chapter 2  

I stood up and got off the picnic table and would have walked in if my brother hadn't stopped me by grabbing my wrist     

"Let me go J." I commanded.     

"Talk to them. First of all I asked them to come because they can help me watch over you and second you don't have to get along with them but I need you to listen to them when ever I leave because I need you to stay safe." He explained. I gave him a dirty look and shook my wrist out of his hand and walked back to the table and sat back down.     

Then I suddenly felt the urge to go inside because of danger. I looked at J and he was walking up to Larry and his friends then I turned to the woods. I stood up and walked on top of the table and looked into the woods. I heard a brach snap and I jumped off the table and ran into the woods ready to fight something off.      

"Alex get back here!" Jonathan yelled. I ran right into the woods and saw nothing. I was so confused, my feelings were never wrong. I turned around and walked back out of the woods. I saw J and he looked like he could blow any second.     

"Nothing. I found nothing." I said as Larry walked up beside Jonathan. I walked up to them when we all heard my name being called.     

"Alexandria Beth Morganstern. I know your here hun. Your father is looking for you." I knew that voice. It was my best friend Megan. She was a vampire. I turned and tried to run into the house but I realized we were surrounded. I took out my two seraph blades and got into a fighting stance. I saw a smile on Sarah's face and she walked over to Larry looking to really scared. I focused on her sense. She was a vampire too. I was going to say something but I figured he knew. But then I sensed her wanting to attack him. She stepped back from Larry and tried to attack but she was stopped by me stabbing her with one of the blades which then called war to the other vampires around us. I made eye contact with Larry before I went into the fight. I started taking vampires out one by one. I saw all them werewolves had changed and were taking them out too. I had finally killed the last one and then looked around I killed the last three that the others were trying to take out. I was finally done and I fell to my knees. One of the wolves, a brown one walked up to me like he was trying to find out if I was ok. I laughed and another wolf, white, growled. And that's how I figured out it was Larry.     

"Jeez no need to get jealous." I whispered. The wolf looked at me surprised and then gave me a dirty look and turned around and walked away. Yep defiantly Larry. The brown and Black wolf stood next to me protecting me.     "Oh god what happened where is my brother?" I turned and saw Larry's brother's Justin and Matt. They looked worried. Larry. still in his wolf form walked over to them, slightly glancing at me. They looked relieved when they saw him. J knelt by me and motioned for me to give him my hand I did and he pulled me up and I walked over to them.     "Hi guys. I'm Jonathan and this is my sister Alex but you would know her as Brittany." He said. I smiled when both Matt and Justin looked at me. They nodded and focused back on Larry.     

"Go change." Justin said and the three wolves all went to the other side of the house and changed back.      

"So you asked us to come." Matt said. I huffed and turned to J.     

"Seriously what can you not trust me to take care of myself?" I asked him. He looked at me.     

"Alex, I'm trying to watch out for you." He responded.     

"By asking five guys to watch me? I don't need a babysitter. Why can't I go on these missions with you?" I asked him.     

"Because you can't." He yelled.     

"Does it have something to do with dad?"      

"No." But I knew he was lying. I ripped my hand from his and walked into the house and up to my room. I laid down on my bed and just stayed there.           

An hour later I heard someone walk up the stairs.      

"Jonathan I don't want to talk to you!" I yelled.     

"It's not Jonathan." I heard a very familiar voice say.     

"I don't want to talk to you either." I said.     

"Too bad." He sat on the edge of my bed.     

"Larry go away." I said facing towards the wall and not him.     

"I can't. Not until you talk to me."     

"Did J ask you to do this?" I asked him.     

"Yes Justin did. Plus I was worried about you." He told me. I laughed at his response.     

"You know I was talking about Jonathan right."      

"Yes but Justin also starts with a J so I figured I would turn it on you." I could hear the smile on his face. I laughed and turned and looked at him.     

"You think your funny don't you." I said sarcastically.     

"I think I'm adorable." I started laughing again.     

"Stealing lines from Dean Winchester now huh?" I asked him.     

"Well they always seem to work for him." We both laughed this time. It was so nice to hear his laugh again. I sighed and sat up.      

"I'm sorry I gave you that letter but I knew something was going to go wrong and we would be in this position. I knew that accident was going to happen. I saw it happen in a dream I had when I was still in the hospital. I knew I had to do something because I knew there was a slim change you would see me again. I could't handle that. I loved you too much to watch you go through your life worrying about me and not being able to see me or talk to me. I didn't want your life to be taken over by pain and grieve. I love you too much to watch you suffer like that. I still do. I still care too much to watch you get hurt again which is why I reacted the way I did earlier. Sarah was planning on killing you. I could feel her anger towards everything. She was working for my father. I didn't have time to tell you to get out of the way in order for me to kill her without risking you so I decided to do it with you in the way or she would have hurt you and I wouldn't be able to save you." I explained to Larry.     

"Yeah I get it. But you have to know I would have been where ever you are even if I couldn't make it to really important family things, But then I could have easily asked if you could come with me." He told me.     

"Really?" I asked him.     

"Always and forever. I promised that when we got back together and I'm not going to break it again now that I've got you back. Not again." He said. I smiled and nodded.     

"Thank you for still being here." I told him.     

"Always." He said with a smile and hugged me. I hugged back and we sat like that for a minute and then he finally convinced me to go downstairs and talk to my brother. 

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