A Careless Man's Careful Daughter

Brittany Leigh Rhodes Is a girl who just started her second year ofHigh school and just as everything seems ok her entire life goes to hell and she finds out she's not who she thought she was and her entire life was a lie. Read her story and find out her life story.


4. Chapter 1

Chapter 1  

I woke up and we were still in the car. It had been three months since we found out dad was alive and he was trying to find me to kill me. J and I were literally going from state to state trying to run from our father. He had made a treaty with the vampires and now the vampires were coming for me now to. The Clave now knew about both of us and knew what we were capable of doing with the demon and angel blood we had in our system. J had demon blood in his system which turned him evil a while back but you guys know that story. I on the other hand had more demon blood then he had when we were born but me father thought i was a girl and girls are to caring to be evil so he got angel blood and tried to get rid of the demon blood but it didn't work. Instead I have the powers of the demon blood, Banshee and the powers of the angel blood, I can control the elements. I looked around and realized we were back in Sauk Rapids.      

"J we can't be here." I said to him.     

"Why not Alex it's where your home is."      

"No my home is in Idris. This is the home of a girl you created in order to protect me from dad. My life here is all a big lie."    

 "No it's not maybe your life here didn't start until you were twelve but what happened while you were actually here did. Hey you met Tianna Hanson and Nathan Merritt. And you had your first boyfriend." He said, trying to make me feel better.     

"Yeah and I haven't seen them all in three years. They all have probably moved on from me." I told him trying to make a point.     

"No I called every single one of them and they all plan on coming to see you today. Well your ex boyfriend didn't pick up but I left a message." He explained. I sighed.     

"Fine whatever where are we staying." I asked.     

"Well your old house is still in your name and you kept saying you wanted to sell it so why don't we stay here and sell it?" He said.     

"Ok but we have to clean the place out. We only planned to be gone for two weeks so everything is still at home." I said. Then I realized I called it home. This wasn't my home anymore. My home was Idris always has been and always will be. Sauk Rapids was the home of a girl who wasn't me anymore.     

We pulled up to the driveway of my house and turned into it. He turned off the car and I got out and looked at the house for the first time in three years. I was fifteen last time I was here and now I'm almost 19. My life was completely different now I just miss it all.     

"Hey." J said. I looked at him and he threw me a key. I looked at it and walked around the car and up to the front door. I unlocked the door and opened it. I saw the porch for the first time again and I could just see my parents sitting on that couch at the other end of the porch smoking a cigarette. I laughed a little and then I walked in to the house and everything was were we left it. I could just imagine Blake crawling on the floor and Mekah watching his pirates. I walked in to the house and walked to the foot of the stairs to my room in the attic. I started walking up the stairs and I got to the top and realized how hot it was. I hit the reset button on the extension cord connected to the air conditioner and it turned on. I walked farther into the room and saw the couch and my little sister's bed and the first memory I chose to bring up was the one heated make out section my ex boyfriend and I had. Let's just say things went a little too far. But I was ok with it so. I laughed and walked over to my bed and laid down on it. I missed this bed. I heard a knock on the wall and I looked up and saw the emerald green eyes my brother and I .     

We may not be identical but anyone could tell we were twins. Mainly because of the fact we have the same hair and eyes and the fact we never leave each others side unless absolutely necessary. We did look more alike then most fraternal twins but that's J and me for you.     

"I asked Tianna and Larry to come today so we better be ready for them to get here." He said. I nodded and he smiled. "You really miss it here don't you?" I nodded and he smiled and walked back down stairs. I turned to my bedside table and turned on my radio and on came a song I didn't know. I just listened to it and tried to deceiver the words and I figured out it was a break up song from a girl to a guy. I just listened to it and waited for them to get here.       

I suddenly heard a car door close and I turned off my radio and headed downstairs and walked outside. I didn't see anyone so I walked around the house and saw Tianna in the back. I ran back and jumped on her back.      

"Oh jeez." She said. I slid off her back and she turned around and saw me. "Oh my gosh, your actually back." She said as she threw her arms around me and hugged me. It was more like crushing me but same difference. I hugged her back.     

"So T hows everything here." I asked her.     

"Fine but everything is better now that your back Alex." She responded. I laughed for a second.      

"Wait you called me Alex. You know Britt." I was shocked.     "Jonathan told me what happened. And plus I knew from the start. Alex I'm a faerie." She told me. Which shocked me even more. She laughed and nodded. I turned to J and he nodded. Then I realized something.      

"That's why I sensed that there was a faerie here." I said. "I can sense other downworlders."      

"Why didn't you tell me Alex, you knew you could trust me." She said to me.     

"I didn't know and you can blame my asshole of a brother for that." I said pointing at Jonathan.     

"Yeah. I saw something I shouldn't have and I got her out of there taking her memories so there would be no way for our dad to find her. But I knew when we were fifteen that he was willing to kill to find her so I found her myself gave her her memories back and brought her home." He explained.     

"See what an amazing brother I have?" I said to Tianna. She smiled and nodded. "Ok you are going inside now." I grabbed her arm and dragged her inside.      

We sat on the couch and I turned on the TV and started looking through what we had in Netflix. I found something and played it.     

"So whats new in SR?" I asked T.      

"Nothing much, Nathan has a girlfriend, um, Larry has a new girlfriend." She told me. I smiled sadly. I remembered the letter I gave him the day I left telling him I didn't know if I could trust other people. I knew it was a lie. I could trust other people I just couldn't trust myself.     

"Good I'm glad their finally happy." I said with a fake smile.     

"Alex, I know you better then that. You are not happy he has moved on." She told me. I always loved how she always knew me better then I knew myself.     

"Yeah your right. You know what I'm going outside for a little bit." I grabbed my phone and walked out. I walked to the back of the house and walked my J and got onto the picnic table we had out there and I laid down on it and played my music.   

Two Weeks Later.................       

Larry still hadn't come or called me back. I knew he had heard the message, I had just figured he would call back. He probably wouldn't because he was with his new girlfriend.      

J and I had decided that we were going to stay for awhile and not sell the house yet. Nathan and Zach Grimm, another friend of mine, had dropped by two days ago and the four of us had hung out for a while. Nathan was a warlock apparently and Zach was a werewolf. It turns out I hung out with a lot of downworlders before I knew I was a Shadowhunter.      

Another friend of mine Hayleigh Swenson also dropped by. Back to the summer this entire thing started, we had thought she had committed suicide but all that happened was she was turned into a shadowhunter and she had to hide and make it look like she did. We got caught up pretty well. We had become best friends again. She and a few of my friends were the only mundanes I had hung out with well back then but now every single one of them had become part of this world and most of them were no longer my friends and they were now working for my father as Vampires, well all except Hayleigh. I was glad she was on our side with us.      

The Clave was breaking down trying to figure out how to take our father down once and for all. I just wanted it to be over for good. I was tired of all the running from place to place. Soon dad was going to find us here and we all were on edge because we were scared of when he would. I had decided since we were just going to stay here for a while I would have a little fun.     

"Alexandria Beth, What the fuck did you do to my hair!" I heard Jonathan yell and I ran outside and hid in the back in the little toy house we had in the back. I heard the back door open and slam closed.     

"Alex I see you in the house I'm not that stupid." I sighed and crawled out of the thing. I looked up at J and saw the blue hair and I fell over laughing. I soon stopped but then I looked at him and I burst out laughing again, and finally he started laughing too. We both finally stopped and I stood up and sat on the picnic table and I played You Are The Music In Me from High School Musical - Gabriella and Troy version.     

"What did you do to my hair?" He asked again. I started laughing in response.     

"Hi." We heard someone say we both turned and we saw three people. All guys and I knew all but one of them. Zach someone I knew that was one of Larry's friends. And the second guy I knew was Larry Lee Day himself. Then a girl walked over to Larry and took Larry's hand in her's and I instantly recognized her. The girl who tried to take him from me almost four years ago. Sarah Paulson.

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