A Careless Man's Careful Daughter

Brittany Leigh Rhodes Is a girl who just started her second year ofHigh school and just as everything seems ok her entire life goes to hell and she finds out she's not who she thought she was and her entire life was a lie. Read her story and find out her life story.


3. Author's note

Sorry Guys this is not an update. I'm sorry the prologue was so long I didn't mean for it to be that long but I needed to get Alex's past into one chapter. I promise the chapters will be shorter, unless you think they should stay as long as the prologue.

I'm writing this because I wanted to let you know I am planning on Updating every Tuesday like the TV show Shadowhunters was updated.

Oh and I'm offering to add characters but I need your character name, gender, age, Downworlder or shadowhunter and please tell me what kind of downworlder, and what or who you want your character to be like who were they in their past, who they are now etc. and I need a personal description.

Thank you guys for reading my story it means a lot just like, favorite, and comment, let me know what you like or think I should improve. I'm open to suggestions to anyone.

Love ya all, TakenGirl2201

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