Rebels in Love (Ashley Purdy fanfic)

Hi. I'm Ryan Biersack, Andy Biersacks brother he just came back from tour and I'm excited and he has this best friend Ashley Purdy he is only one year older than me. I fall for him but will he fall for me? All copyright belong to me and ask to write a story like mine please!


10. The Concert

::Ashley's POV::

Andy stopped the middle of the show for me so I told Ryan to come out we did Morticians Daughter once he came out. We were having an awesome time I had Andy hold my bass then I got on one knee in front of Ryan. "Ryan Devil Biersack...You are the shine in my sunshine you are the Air I breath So will you Ryan make me the happiest Ashley Purdy I can be and Marry me?" I asked him Ryan started tearing up Andy looked shocked and the crowd started yelling Say Yes! "Yes I will Ashley Purdy" Ryan said hugging me "Slut!!" A fan in the crowd yelled at Ryan. Andy and I got pissed and well Andy jumped into the crowd I followed to the fan and I confronted her and she scoffed and left I was just happy she left so Ryan wouldn't get any hate tonight. I got back on stage and started playing Rebel Love Song and we got off stage and headed to the bus.


::Ryan's POV:: 

Ashley and I fell asleep that night happily engaged but Andy woke me up at 4:00 in the morning saying he couldn't sleep so we talked and at 6:00 A.M. I got coffee and ate then he fell asleep so I went to lay with Ashley


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