Rebels in Love (Ashley Purdy fanfic)

Hi. I'm Ryan Biersack, Andy Biersacks brother he just came back from tour and I'm excited and he has this best friend Ashley Purdy he is only one year older than me. I fall for him but will he fall for me? All copyright belong to me and ask to write a story like mine please!


3. Chapter Three


::Andy's POV::

"I can't believe you Ryan!" I said furious at him kissing my band mate and he started crying he knows Ashley is a player but he doesn't listen or use his fucking brain! I can't believe Ashley is reeling him in on his cheating game and Ryan doesn't realize he just thinks he knows there is love but there isn't! Last show Ashley had sex with a girl and didn't care if he got her pregnant he just said "Oh I have to go bye!" And never talked to them again he's such a player I can't believe him I'm furious.

::Ashley's POV::

I actually care about Ryan but Andy doesn't realize it he doesn't see the love in my eyes he just like oh he's a cheater better keep Ryan away from him! I care I really do! Ryan sees it but Andy doesn't it's hard being gay and in love with your band mates little brother I'm really scared what Andy will do will he kick me out of the band or just not talk to me or worse not let me see Ryan my boyfriend....

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