Rebels in Love (Ashley Purdy fanfic)

Hi. I'm Ryan Biersack, Andy Biersacks brother he just came back from tour and I'm excited and he has this best friend Ashley Purdy he is only one year older than me. I fall for him but will he fall for me? All copyright belong to me and ask to write a story like mine please!


5. Chapter Five

::Andy's POV::

I was so pissed at that moment I just got yelled at from Ashley and Ryan is living with him. They look like they like each other could it be. I was so confused. Did they really love each other would the player really like my brother.


::Ryan's POV::

I loved Ashley i was glad he was confertining me when going through this. "are you ok" he asked. "of course i am now at least" he smiled then kissed me. i was shocked a little but glad and was kissing back. I loved Ashley and glad that i get to be with him on Christmas i think its the best present ever.

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