Rebels in Love (Ashley Purdy fanfic)

Hi. I'm Ryan Biersack, Andy Biersacks brother he just came back from tour and I'm excited and he has this best friend Ashley Purdy he is only one year older than me. I fall for him but will he fall for me? All copyright belong to me and ask to write a story like mine please!


4. Chapter 4

::Ryan's POV::

Its has been three weeks since I've seen Ashley and I'm sad I want to see him  so I'm packing my things and going to Ashley's house to spend the whole Christmas with him. I jump out the window and walk to his house knocking on his door he opens it "Hey Ash" I say and walk into the tv room and sit on the couch as he cuddles up to me I feel safe but then there is a loud banging at the door Ashley gets it. "Where is that piece of shit Ashley?!" It's Andy I run and hide from him.

::Ashley's POV::

I get the door and Andy starts yelling at me I say "Get the fuck away from my fucking house you piece of shit I get you don't like us being together but Ryan is older than than you he is one year younger than me I am 31 and he is 30! Your 20 fucking 4 so get away!" I yell tears threatening to fall as I slam the door shut I run upstairs and cuddle Ryan some more as he cries I rub his back but he keeps crying. What a great start to Christmas!



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