Rebels in Love (Ashley Purdy fanfic)

Hi. I'm Ryan Biersack, Andy Biersacks brother he just came back from tour and I'm excited and he has this best friend Ashley Purdy he is only one year older than me. I fall for him but will he fall for me? All copyright belong to me and ask to write a story like mine please!


2. Chapter 2

::Ashley's POV::

Me and Ryan are left alone bad idea. Andy went out to the store but ryan is so fucking cute I love him but he doesn't love my back I guess I will never know. I kiss him and we start making out but Andy walks in on us and he looks mad as hell and he yells at me to get out. "Get Out Now Ashley!!!" He said.

::Ryan's POV::

Andy chewed me out for making out with my new boyfriend and now I have to sneak out to see him it kinda sucks because we were going to have sex but we can't because Andy is so overprotective 


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