Broken and Scarred

Homeless and no where to go, Rose has been on her own for a few years now. The LA streets are what she calls home. Until her life starts to take a ride for the better.


1. The Streets

Did you catch the new episode last night? Have you got your hands on the new book yet? Did you get the earrings you were looking for? These are all questions normal people ask each other, but I don't remember the last time someone asked me a question like those ones. That's because I'm living on the streets of LA. I'd tell you how I ended up there, but I don't trust you yet.
Anyways, I mostly spend my days sitting on the sidewalk begging for money and food. All I've got are the clothes on my back and a backpack full of things from a past life. The things in my backpack? Well, there's my teddy, old colored pencils, old crayons, two coloring books, a sketch pad, a Gameboy (that I can't play because the batteries are almost dead) and a few games, a faded Cubs baseball cap, some old pictures of me, and a water bottled that I try and fill up as often as I can.
"Hello sweet cheeks," some guy in his 30s comes and stands in front of me. "I see you need money, and I think I can help. If you know what I mean," he winks at me.
"Get the fuck away from me you nasty old man," I scowl. "I'm not selling my body to anyone. Ever. I'm only 16 anyways."
He spits close to me, "Whatever. You bitch." Then he walks off.
I bring my knees close to my body. Yeah, I'm only 16, and from what lots of people tell me, I'm beautiful. I've got curly, dirty blonde hair to the middle of my back; big, bright blue eyes; straight, white teeth; tanned from the LA sun; five foot eight. Oh, and the name is Rose.
"I'm sorry for you having to live this way," an older lady drops a container at my feet.
"Thank you so much. It means a lot," I smile.
"No problem dear. I like helping people," she gives me a smile and then walks of.
I open the container and my heart skips a beat. There's a decked out sandwich, bag of chips, a cookie, and a fifty dollar bill. "I wish more people were like that lady. I'm not going hungry tonight."
*The Next Day-Early Morning*
I don't usually get myself gifts, but I need something else to do when I'm just sitting on the sidewalk. I'm not one hundred percent sure what I'm going to get, but just walking along the store packed street is giving me ideas.
After another block of walking, I stop in front of a candy store that's having a sale. A big bag of whatever candy you can fill it with for $5. "That's amazing," I whisper to myself. "I haven't had sweets in such a long time." So I enter the shop, grab a bag, and start getting my candy.
It takes me a few minutes to get all I want, but eventually I'm checking out and back onto the streets. Walking to the next store.
The next store ends up to be a book store. I grab some new batteries and screwdriver so I can actually play on my Gameboy. I also get two new coloring books that are on sale and a new sketch pad. All of comes out to just above $10.
I exit the store and stop at a bench to count my money. I've still got about $50. "One more store. Then a small lunch and back to the sidewalk." I stand up and head down the block once again.
The last store I stop at is a thrift shop. With everything so cheap, I get two pairs of jean shorts, another pair of converse, an new pair of socks, a pair of flip flops, three graphic tees, and a hat that has a TW on the front right in the middle. Such great stuff for super cheap.
I exit the store and take a deep breath, "Time for lunch, I guess."
*An Hour Later*
"Singing pour some sugar on me," I mumble to myself a song I've heard a lot. I think it’s called 'Some Girls Freak Me Out' by some band called The Summer Set.
"What?" I look down the street and see a small, raggedy, dog trotting towards me. "The hell is a poor dog like that on the streets."
After a few minutes it’s a lot closer and I can see it’s not wearing a collar and looks a bit skinny.
"Here buddy," I whistle. "Here boy."
Its little head perks up and it rushes to me.
"You shouldn't be in the streets," I pet its head.
"Yeah, I know. Neither should I. Anyways, you hungry?"
"Hold on and I'll get something from my backpack," I start digging through my bag. Looks like I've got a new friend.
After a few minutes of searching through my backpack, I find my half-eaten sandwich and give it to the dog. "I think I should give you a name," I say.
It disregards everything I said and just digs into the sandwich. I decide to take the time to see what ender it is. Looks to be a girl.
"Okay, so you’re a girl. Um, what's a good girl name?" I start tapping my fingers on the sidewalk. "Oh, how about Nudge? Do you like that?"
She looks up at me and barks.
I smile, "Good. You know, I think we can be good friends. You and I. Someone to finally talk to."
I notice she's finished with the sandwich, so I bring her to my side. "I don't live the best life, but I still can have fun. Living on the streets isn't that bad."
She whimpers.
"Okay, so maybe it is. But we'll make it work."
*The Next Day-Afternoon*
I've been sitting on the sidewalk begging all day. Nudge has been chilling behind me and eating scrapes that people throw at her. As for money wise, I've probably earn a few dollars today. Not bad but not great.
"Ugh, the homeless," some girl decked out in designer trends says as she walks past me.
"Ugh, a prissy bitch," I say back.
"Excuse me," she screeches as she turns on her toes to face me.
"I'm pretty sure you heard me. You know, karma is a bitch to bitches like you," I smirk.
"You have no right to talk to me like that."
"Freedom of speech. I can say anything I want to anybody I want."
"Whatever, I hope I never see you again."
"Same to ya."
Then she lets out a breath of anger and rushes off.
People like her need to be slapped.
*That Night*
"I'm not really sure what to talk about Nudge," I smile as I start rubbing her tummy.
"My past? I'd rather not. I guess I could tell you I've not always been homeless. I used to have a nice home. But then that all changed one day."
"It’s not my fault. I'd have to blame my parents for what happened," a tear falls down my cheek. "I really don't want to talk about it."
Nudge snuggles closer into my side and whimpers.
"It’s okay. One day I'll say what happened. But right now let's not dwell in the past. I live in the here and now."
Ruff ruff.
"I say if we get enough money we can go shopping on Saturday. So that gives us four days."
"I just wish I was in like a homeless gang. Not like a kill people gang. I just want a real person to talk to."
She whimpers.
"Sorry, didn't mean to offend you. It’s nice to talk to something, but you can't really talk back."
"Maybe we'll find someone tomorrow or someday soon. That would be nice, wouldn't it? I'd like to meet a girl, because then we can talk about girl things."
"Let's get to sleep," I yawn. "I'm getting tired."
Nudge snuggles into my side just a tad more, and we both find peace in sleep.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* So, I wrote this story about a year or so ago. Maybe even two years ago. So, it isn't the greatest, but I still think it's pretty good. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it below! Hope you liked it. :D
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