Broken and Scarred

Homeless and no where to go, Rose has been on her own for a few years now. The LA streets are what she calls home. Until her life starts to take a ride for the better.


7. Shopping

*The Next Day-Late Morning*
"How are you Nudge?" I ask my puppy as she runs up to me.
"She's really getting along with the other dogs," Mason says.
"Yeah. Goldie is very pretty," I smile.

Goldie is a very golden yellow dog while Buddy has white on most of his body with brown here and there.
"Your dog is in good shape despite how it had been living," James says.
"I try and keep anyone in my care in tip top shape."
"You did a very nice job."
"I found you a pair of sunglasses, Rose," Laurel's voice fills my ears.
I turn and see all the girls and Alex rushing out the side door. "Thanks. Don't need people asking about the eye."
"I can't believe we're going shopping today," Lily smiles.
"I know, all on the boys too," Kristy grins at James.
"How are you going to explain the bills to your parents?" I ask.
"It’s our money," Mason says.
"They don't care what we do with it," Alex adds in.
"Is there a spending limit?" Laurel asks.
"Well, since today is clothes only," James brings his eyebrows together in a puzzled look. Then relaxes his face in seconds. "No, not today there isn't."
"Oh goody," Kristy smiles. "This is going to be so much fun. We didn't get to shop much when we were on the street. Though when we did, it was pretty interesting."
"I did what was best under the circumstances," I say.
"And you did everything perfectly," Laurel says.
"So, let's get in the car and head on into town," James smiles.
"Oh, I love cars," Lily smiles.
Then everyone heads to the garage where the sweetest car is. A slick black and red.
"Sweet," I smile. "Coolest car ever."
"It was my idea," Mason smiles.
"Well then, let's hop in and head off!" Kristy exclaims.
*A Few Hours Later*
"That dress is adorable," Kristy says to me as I pull a blue with yellow flower sundress of the rack.
"I really like it," I smile and put it into the clothes cart. Kristy and I are in a group, Mason and James, and then Lily, Laurel, and Alex.
"I wonder if the other groups have as many clothes as we do."
"I really doubt it. I'm really going all out. I mean, the boys are paying."
"Do you think we'll shop again someday soon? But for bedroom items."
"You really want to stay, don't you?"
"I do."
"Then probably."
~Alex's POV~
"So Laurel," I say as Lily searches through some clothes. Completely unaware of us for the moment.
"Yeah Alex," Laurel smiles at Lily.
"I'm glad we saved you."
"Huh?" She looks at me. "Why?"
"Oh, well, you’re pretty and I've never really talked to a girl before. You're very interesting."
"Thanks. Same to you."
"The other boys are crushing. Don't tell them I told you."
"Well, the other girls are crushing. Don't tell them I told you."
"I won't."
"Well, Rose is denying her crush though."
"Ah, she's a tough nut to crack."
"I barely know anything about her. I think she has trust issues."
"We all do," I put my hand on her shoulder.
~James' POV~
"So, Mason, my man, you crushing on one of the girls? I ask.
"What? No," Mason answers way too quickly.
"It’s Rose. She's pretty. I like Kristy though."
"Ah, so you're crushing as well."
"At least I come out and say it."
"Fine, I like Rose. There, I said it. Happy now?"
"Actually, I am."
~Kristy's POV~
I grab Rose's hand and pull her away from James and Mason. So we might have been snooping on them. It’s not a crime.
"Did you hear that?" I ask Rose once we're far enough away from the guys.
"Yes. I heard James say he likes you. Good for you," Rose smiles an annoyed smile. She knows what I want her to say.
"No, Mason said he likes you. Now you can say you like him and all will work out."
"I don't like him."
"Sure you don't. Come on, let's go to the meet up point."
"I really don't like him."
"Alright, you don't like him. You love him."
"He is not in any way attractive to me."
"The way you said that I could tell you were lying."
"Okay, so I think he's hot. But that's it. I don't even know anything about him."
"That's why you talk to him. Just talk to him."
"Will it make you happy?”
"Fine, I'll talk to him."
*That Night*
~Rose's POV~
"I'm sorry they're forcing us to do this," Mason says.
"It’s fine," I say. "I promised Kristy I was going to talk to you anyways, so it all works out."
"Oh, okay. Anything you want to talk about?"
"Will we go shopping again for things for our rooms?"
"So you intend to stay a long while?"
"Yes, for the others. And Nudge. The streets aren't for them. They aren't tough enough."
"And you are?"
"I took tons of different self-defense classes. I'm tough."
"Ah, but anyways, yeah, we'll go shopping for bedroom things."
"Alright. That's going to be nice."
"What's your favorite color?"
"Um, okay. Blue and yellow. You?"
"Green. Do you like to read?"
"I do. I just wish I could read more. Living on the streets, I learned to give up on books. Knowing I could never buy one as it would be a waste of money."
"You, me, tomorrow. I'm taking you to the best book store in the city. No money limit. You get as many books as you want."
"Really? That sounds awesome."
He smiles, "I didn't think you'd agree to it."
A slight heat comes to my cheeks, "It’s for the books."
"Are you blushing?"
I quickly stand up, "It was nice talking with you Mason. I'm looking forward to getting a lot of fucking books tomorrow."
"Can't wait."
Then I turn on my heels and exit the room. The heat to my cheeks, what the hell was that? He could see it too. No, no. I'm not falling for him. Anyone but him.
Ha, my brain laughs at me. He's it, you idiot, just fall for him.
Never, oh never.


Hope you liked it! :D

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