Broken and Scarred

Homeless and no where to go, Rose has been on her own for a few years now. The LA streets are what she calls home. Until her life starts to take a ride for the better.


5. Saved

*That Night*
"You just had to be a hero?" Kristy asks.
"I did," I say. "And I'm sorry if you guys are in danger now because of it."
"Will they find us?" Lily asks.
"I don't know. Most likely. If they do find us, Lily, you grab Nudge. Then you and Laurel get behind Kristy and me."
"I'm going to have to fight?" Kristy asks.
"Afraid so. But you'll be alright. Just throw random punches and kick as much as possible.
"Should we grab our stuff if the guys come?" Laurel asks.
"You try and grab as much as you can."
"I'm going to put all our stuff away so it'll be easy to grab."
"That's a good idea," Lily smiles.
Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!
"What's wrong Nudge?" I look over at my puppy.
"That would be us," a deep man’s voice says.
Everyone leaps up and gets ready. Lily does what I told her to do, and same with Laurel. Going yards behind us.
"Ha, two girls to four guys," the f-bomb guy says.
"We're not afraid," Kristy growls. "Come at us boys."
"Two go," the leader says.
The smallest one steps forward and the one that's not f-bomb also steps forward.
"You get the smaller one," I whisper to Kristy.
"Got it."
Then we rush them. I throw punch after punch. Landing a good amount onto his face. Sure, he gets a few hits onto me too. A few to the sides and one on my face. My lip is bleeding, and it’s really annoying with all the blood getting into my mouth.
Next thing I know, I connect my fist to his jaw and his head turns just the right way. He goes down like a sack of bricks.
"Fuck no," f-bomb says. Then he's on me.
I have just enough time to look at Kristy. She's not doing too well. It looks like she might be dodging a lot and landing a few punches. But her guy is still looking pretty fine.
"You’re going down bitch," he growls.
"I don't think so," I spit blood close to his shoes. The fight has begun.
I throw a punch and miss his face by mere inches. He goes for my gut and gets me. Just barely because I hop backwards.
"You can't win," he growls.
"Oh, really. I beat your friend there," I motion to the knocked out guy. Well, actually, he's coming to, so he'll be up soon.
"You just got lucky."
"I really doubt that. I took boxing for years, I know way more than you think."
"Show you skills than," he taunts.
He gets to me, and I rush at him. Kicks and punches that all land on his side. Then he swings and gets my face. Most definitely giving me a black eye. I start seeing spots but power through.
Kristy looks to be finally getting to her guy, but she doesn't seem too good. Her face looks fine but she's limping around.
The guy I'm fighting lands a few blows on my side, and I get his face again. I feel kind of light headed. Damn, if only I had a knife.
"You're pretty good," the man spits to the side.
"Told you."
"But you still can't win."
"Says you," I throw a punch and he grabs my arm.
"I can break your arm. Right here. Right now."
"Like hell you'd do that."
He gives it a little twist, "You made us lose thousands of dollars. All for one girl."
"So?" I say through gritted teeth.
"You’re an idiot." He continues to slowly twist my arm as a scream burns the back of my throat.
"Stop!" Someone shouts. Sounds like a boy. What the hell is going on? "Stop!" The boy shouts again.

Everyone stops what they're doing to look at who's showed up. It’s actually three boys. All with knifes out and in stances to rush.
"Who the fuck are you guys?" The leader of the gang says.
"We are just three random dudes," the tallest one says. It’s too dark to see what he looks like. "And we came to help these girls out."
"So you better leave while you can," the next tallest says. "Or else you'll all be in a world of hurt."
The leader laughs, "You don't scare us."
"Oh, really?" The shortest one pulls something out of his pocket and aims it at the leader. "This is a Taser. I will use it. Now go."
"Sure you will little man," the leader takes a step forward.
"Taser!" The boy shouts before pushing a button. The man is on the ground in seconds. "Told ya."
"Okay, now we'll give you all two minutes to grab your leader here and run," the tall one says.
A minute later the men are gone and it’s just us girls staring are the boys. Our heroes.
"Alex, go check on the two down there," the tall one takes charge. "Mason, go to the blonde one. I'll get the other one." Then the three boys break up.
I fall to my knees as Mason makes his way over to me. He's the one without the Taser and not the tall one.
"Hey, I'm Mason, as you probably heard. Are you okay?"
"I think so," I spit some blood out.
"I don't think so. What's your name?"
"That's pretty. I'm going to fix you up, okay Rose?"
"Yeah..." I drift off as darkness over takes me.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :D I'll try and write today, after I do some math homework.
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