Broken and Scarred

Homeless and no where to go, Rose has been on her own for a few years now. The LA streets are what she calls home. Until her life starts to take a ride for the better.


3. Plus One

*That Night*
"Have you ever stolen anything from anybody?" Kristy takes another bite of her sandwich.
"No I haven't. I've been stolen from, though," I answer.
"Have you ever been in a fist fight?"
"I have. A few times. And a knife fight."
"Do you have any scars?"
"I do. All on my upper arm."
"How? Not self-inflicted, right?"
"Of course not. They come from the knife fight I was in."
"Oh. Um, do you have any siblings?"
"I have an older half-brother. But he hates me, so I cut all ties I had with him."
"Your parents. Where are you parents?"
"They're," I swallow the lump in my throat. "They're dead."
"Oh my. I'm sorry. You could've said you didn't want to talk about it," she pats my shoulder. "Here, let me answer my own questions. I've never stolen, been in a fight, or have any scars. I have a few step siblings that I hate. Oh, and my parents have disowned me. So I have no one."
"But me."
"And Nudge," I rub Nudge's head.
"And I'm grateful for you two," she smiles.
"I say once we save up some money, we buy some nice bathing suits and head to a beach. That allows dogs, of course."
"That sounds very nice," she smiles. "But for now, let's go to sleep."
*A Month Or So Later*
"Is everyone ready to go to the beach?" I ask as I adjust my sunglasses. From the outside, Kristy and I now look like normal girls that have a super cute dog. Though, it’s just for one day and then we're back on the streets.
"I think so," Kristy smiles.

This actually isn't even the best day for us this month. That happened two weeks ago when the garbage man came to pick up the trash in our ally and saw us. We got to talking and found out he used to be homeless too. Needless to say, we have our couch until he gets a new route. Which he said probably won't happen anytime soon.
"Then what are we waiting for? Let's head to the beach!"
*A Few Hours Later*
"I haven't ridden on a bus in so long," I comment as we step off the bus and walk a couple paces away from it.
"I'm glad we found one that comes so close to the beach," Kristy smiles. "And a dog beach at that."
"Nudge really wants to get to the water," I smile. “Hold on girl, its lunch time now. We've got to get food first." I make sure her leash is all right, and then Kristy and I start heading towards some food huts; Nudge trotting in between us.
"Do you think we'll see any homeless people?"
"Well, I see you, so yeah."
"No, I mean other homeless people. Not ourselves.”
"Oh, I mean it’s possible. They can be anywhere."
"That's sad. I wish there was something we could do."
"Maybe there will be something we can do. Not now, but sometime down the road."
We continue to walk and stop at a hotdog place to get lunch. Both of us get a hotdog, a large fry to share, and two small sodas for ourselves. Nudge gets a nice bowl of dog food that the place has. Then we sit down to eat for a half hour or so, and then we are walking again.
It’s about twenty minutes later when we spot a girl. She's begging and doesn't look any older than us.
"Rose, what do we do?" Kristy nudges me.
"We help. You said you wished there was something we could do. This is our chance," I take off my sunglasses and put then on top of my head. Seconds later we're standing in front of the girl.
"Hello," she looks from me to Kristy.
"Hello little miss. What's your name? I'm Rose and this is Kristy."
"Oh, and that's Nudge," Kristy smiles.
"I'm Laurel," she gives a small smile back.
"And what are you doing on the streets?" I ask.
"How old are you?" I ask.
"14 and a half," Laurel says. She has long, wavy brown hair; green eyes; looks to be around five foot tall.
"How long you been on the streets?" Kristy asks.
"Three months."
"Do you have anyone your with?" I ask.
"No," she shakes her head.
"Well, I think it would be a good idea if you come with us," I say. "We're also homeless and we don't like to see other homeless girls like you alone. So what do say?"
"Um, that sounds really nice."
"Okay, well pack up. We're spending the day at the beach, so we won't be going back to the place we hang out."
She starts packing up what little she has into a small backpack. "I can't believe I'm getting to hang with two girls. This is going to be really cool."
*Hours Later*
"Aw, I'm so sad that we're leaving already," Kristy frowns.
Nudge gives me a whimpers.
"Maybe one day we'll be back," I give a small smile. "It was nice to pretend to be normal for a day."
"I'm glad you came today," Laurel says. "I don't know how many more days I could've made it without talking to a person."
"You can last a long time. I made it two and a half years. It’s pretty bad some times, but you can do crazy things when you’re alone."
"You're crazy, Rose," Kristy says.
"Oh, you don't even know."
"Are we going to talk tonight about ourselves?" Laurel asks. "I'd love to get to know you two."
"Sure," Kristy says. "It’s going to be a pleasure getting to know you as well."
*A Few Days Later*
"Thank you," I say as yet another passer-by throws some change into my baseball cap.
It’s been kind of slow today, and it doesn't really bother me. The group and I have plenty of money to eat good for a few weeks. Also, it means I don't have to face that many people. I've known this for a long time, but I feel like it’s getting worse. It’s all the prissy people that think they're better than everyone else. Men spit near me, woman look away, and teens argue with me.
"Sup?" A boy on a skateboard.
"Well, I'm homeless and haven't felt safe in a long time," I snap. "Now, what do you want?"
"Oh, well I've got a pair of roller blades in my backpack that I want to give away. I've got a helmet as well. You want them?"
"Oh, um, sure."
"Cool. Hold on and I'll get them out."
A few minutes later the boy has given me the roller blades and the helmet and is off on his skateboard. Out of my sight in seconds.
See, if there were more people like that boy giving out things they don't want, I'd have just a fine life. But no! They throw things away, good things, when they know there are people just outside could use the things. Ugh, people need to use their brains.
*That Night*
"So he just gave them to you?" Laurel asks about the roller blades.
"Yeah. Came up and asks what's up," I say. "Then after I sassed him, he calmly told me if I wanted them. I said yes and now here we are talking about them."
"How often does that happen?" Kristy asks.
"Not that often. People don't like giving to those below them for some reason. The only person that does it really often is that old lady that sometimes comes around."
"Old lady?" Laurel asks.
"Yeah," Kristy says. "There's this old lady that comes around once a week and gives us a container of food and a 50 dollar bill. Every time. She's very sweet."
"Though, I hope one day I'll be the one giving back," I say.

~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! It's nice to go back and read this story as I edit, I forgot how interesting it was. :D
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