Broken and Scarred

Homeless and no where to go, Rose has been on her own for a few years now. The LA streets are what she calls home. Until her life starts to take a ride for the better.


13. Pieced Together

*A Few Hours Later*
Kristy is pacing around the living room as it’s been a tad longer than a few hours.
"Calm down Kristy," I sigh. "They'll come back."
"How do you know that?"
"I don't. But I'm going to keep telling myself it’s true because then it'll come through."
"They said they'd be extra careful," Lily says.
"Anything can happen at a split second," Laurel says. "It’s a dangerous world out there. As you probably could tell."
"I just wish they were here," Kristy says.
It’s about another thirty minutes before the front door opens and James and Alex rush into the room.
"Boys!" Laurel and Kristy shout as they rush over and hug them.
"Where's Mason?" Lily asks.
"About him," James breaks out of Kristy's hold and puts her by his side. "He's being rushed to the hospital as we speak."
"What?" I stand up off the couch. "Why?"
"He was shot," Alex says. "But from what I understand, after minor surgery, he'll be fine."
"We have to go then."
"There's no need to go tonight. We'll go in the morning," James says.
"No, I want to go now. I want to be there when he gets out of surgery. I want to see him when he first wakes up. I want to be by his side."
"I thought you hated him, Rose," Kristy says.
"I did. At least, I thought I did. But I don't anymore. I love him and I always will. Now come on! I want to see him."
*A Few Hours Later*
I'm sitting in Mason's hospital room just watching him. James drove me here and then went home to be with everyone else. They'll be back tomorrow morning. I just couldn't wait to see him. He broke my heart, but I guess I can somehow forgive him.
"Mason," I whisper. "Why did you do it? Why did you break my heart?"
He doesn't respond, seeing as he just got out of surgery minutes ago. He won't wake up for another half hour or so. Too long for all the questions bursting in my mind.
The clock on my phone reads 10:24 and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to stay up.
"Ugh," Mason groans.
"Mason, are you waking up?" I look at him and sure enough, his eyes are blinking open.
"Rose," he turns his head to look at me. "Why are you here? I thought you hated me."
"I did. But not anymore. I just want to know why you did what you did."
"Breaking up with you?" He's making sure we're one the same page.
"I didn't want to hurt you anymore than I already had. You were in so much pain, I thought that if I was out of your life you'd be better. I now know I was wrong and that I hurt you more by breaking up with you. I'm sorry. I love you. I really do."
I smile as a few tears fall down my cheeks, "I love you too. Now, never break up with me again or I'll never forgive you."
He smiles, "I'll never break up with you again. I promise. Now come here and climb in bed with me. I don't want you sleeping in the uncomfortable chair."
I roll my eyes, "Fine. But only because you really want me too."
*The Next Morning*
I wake up the next morning with Mason's arm around me and one of my arms across his chest. Before we went to sleep, I found out he was shot in the side. Nothing to major, but he's going to have to stay in the hospital for a week or so.
"Rose, are you awake?" Mason yawns.
"Yeah. Are you uncomfortable in anyway?" I ask.
"Not at all. I'm just glad to have you by my side at night again."
"Me too. So, everyone should be here soon to see you. So I'm going to go make myself look a little better."
"Fine. But don't take too long."
"I won't," I give him a kiss.
*A Few Hours Later*
I'm sitting on the chair next to Mason's hospital bed waiting for everyone else to come back with lunch. Of course I'm doing something. I'm reading a book while Mason is going through his notebook. It’s full of all the things he's doing for his job.
"Rose, do you have a second?" Mason asks.
"Hold on," I finish the page I'm on before placing in a bookmark and setting it down on my lap. "What's up?"
"I've just been thinking about what I'm going to do when I get out of here. And I was wondering if there's anything you really want to do with your life. Is there?"
"Um, there is one thing."
"What is it?" Mason ask.
"I want to help people like me. Any homeless person. I want to give them a home. Get them back on their feet," I smile. "Not our house, of course. Do you think we could buy another house close to us that we could let some people stay in?"
"Well, you have a very big want. I like it though. We could do it. You and Kristy might need to get jobs."
"That's perfectly fine. I'll get a job if that means I get to help others."
"What's going on in here?" James asks as the crew walks in.
Mason smiles at me as I explain what we were just talking about.
"That's so nice of you, Rose," Lily smiles at me.
"A job?" Kristy smiles. "Sounds pretty cool."
"Another house?" Alex looks at James.
"We'll be fine," James smiles.
"So, my plan is going to work?" I ask.
"How are we going to get the homeless people?" Laurel asks.
"We go out into the city and find them. Shouldn't be too hard."
"Come on guys," Mason says. "It’s a good idea. Just say it is."
"It is," James say. "We can plan more once you get home Mason. It’s gonna take a lot of thinking to get the plan perfect."
"Yes," I smile. "I'm finally gonna do something to help others."
*A Week Later*
"You sure you want to walk on your own Mason?" I ask. "You can lean on me if you want. I'm stronger than you think."
"I'm fine babe," Mason gives me a smile. "I want to walk on my own."
I grab his hand and intertwine our fingers, "You've made an amazing recovery. You'll have a new scar though."
"It’s nothing to the scars you have."
I shake my head, "No, but it’s a scar with a lot of memories tied to it."
"Are you driving me home?"
"Yeah. I just got my license. And I want to drive my lovely boyfriend home."
"You are so sweet."
*A Few Hours Later*
"This is pretty hard, finding a job and all," Kristy sighs as she pushes the computer off her lap.
"It’s not too bad," I say. "Sure, we haven't found one we want, but we will eventually."
"Can we just stop for today and hang out with our boyfriends?"
"Yeah, sounds good. I want to hang with Mason and get back the few days we lost."
"Don't blame you girl. I'm glad you guys made up."
"Me too," I stand up. "Well, have fun with James." Then I start off towards Mason's room. He's been resting in there ever since we got home.
It’s amazing what has happened in the past whatever months that I've been living here. I was broken on the streets; I have scars from so many different things. Though I still have scars, I'm no longer broken. I've been pieced together.


This is not the end, there will be a sequel coming out soon. Hope you liked this! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. :)

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