Broken and Scarred

Homeless and no where to go, Rose has been on her own for a few years now. The LA streets are what she calls home. Until her life starts to take a ride for the better.


4. Gangs

*A Few Days Later*
~Laurel's POV~
I'm out on the streets since it’s my turn to beg today. We've got it all planned out on who begs on what days and for how long. I really wish I didn't have to beg, but I wish for a lot of things and they don't always come true.
"Oh, why hello there young miss. I haven't seen you around," an old lady says.
I look up to meet her eyes, "No, I'm new here on the streets."
"Oh, well here's some food and some money that will hopefully get you through the week until I can make it back again." She drops a container in front of me. This must be the old lady Kristy and Rose were talking about.
"Thank you so much. You are too kind."
"You can never be too kind, dear." Then she starts walking off.
How come more people can't be like her?
*A Few Hours Later*
It’s finally time for me to go back to the couch. That's where I'll be living from now on, a couch in an ally. Better than nothing at the moment.
"Please stop!" A girl screams.
I look around to find who made the scream. And I find her in seconds. A girl who is being ganged up on by three guys. She looks younger than me and is doomed against the boys. I quickly gather my things, stand up, and rush over to her. "Hey, stop picking on her."
The boys look at me and the biggest one speaks up, "A weakling girl trying to help another weakling girl."

The gang starts laughing.
"I'm not a weakling. And there's no reason to be picking fights with ones younger and smaller than you,” I glare around at the group. “You pick on the small and weak to feel good about yourself. I bet you can't fight someone your own size."
"Now listen here," one of the other boys starts saying.
"Shut up," the leader says. "Let's go boys. I'm not about ready to punch a bitch that's very determined to get back at me. You know karmas a bitch." Then they turn and walk away.
"Thank you," the little girl smiles. "I didn't think they'd leave me alone."
"Are you hurt?" I ask.
"No, they didn't do anything too bad to me. Just teased and poked me."
"Why are you out here all alone?"
"Oh, well, I was just left here. And no one seems to care. My parents were always either drunk or high, so they never wanted me. Nice of them to wait until I was older enough to fend for myself," she sighs.
"How old are you and what's your name?" I ask.
"My name is Lily and I'm ten years old," she smiles.
"You're only ten? Wow, well, regardless, I think you'll be a nice addition to our gang."
"It’s not really a gang. All it is are two girls and I who live on the streets. Together we power through every day. It’s very nice to be able to talk to someone about your problems. Oh, and we have a dog named Nudge."
"A dog!"
"Yeah," I laugh. "So, what do you say? Want to join our gang?"
"Sure, it sounds way better than what I'm doing right now."
"Alright, I'll lead the way to our hangout spot."
*Thirty Minutes Later*
~Kristy's POV~
"That's Kristy," Laurel points to me. "And that's Rose," she points to Rose.
"Hello Lily," Rose smiles.
"Oh, that must be Nudge," Lily smiles as Nudge trots up to her.
"So, your parents left you all alone?" I ask.
"Yeah. A few months ago," she starts petting Nudge.
"You saved her, Laurel?" Rose asks.
"Yeah," Laurel nods. "A group of boys were ganging up on her and I couldn't just let it happen."
Then Laurel and Rose start talking about money while Lily sticks with Nudge. Lily has long, brown hair; green eyes; four foot three. She seems like a very nice girl. I just hope what she has in her little rollie suitcase is some money. As terrible as it sound, I also hope we don't get anymore. It’s hard to feed mouths already. We'll have to make two or more people go out and beg. Life never seems to get easier.
*A Few Days Later*
~Rose's POV~
A new day and a new plan. I'll be out begging all day every other day, Kristy goes half days on my full ones and full ones on my half days, and Laurel switches with whoever is doing half days every day. Lily stays with Nudge and whoever else is at the couch; I don't like having her out begging. She's just so young. It’s unsettling to me.
"Yeah, and then she just gave it to her," some prissy lady talking on her phone walks right past me.
"Thanks for nothing," I mumble to myself.

It’s been a hard last couple of days. We've still got plenty of money, even after we surprised Lily and Laurel with some new clothes so they could ditch their old torn up ones. They carry the past, and that's something each one of us trying to forget.
"Here you go," some man puts a ten dollar in my cap.
"Thanks so much," I smile at him.
"No problem. You need help and I'm glad to help," he smiles back and then continues to walk down the street.
I just don't get why people can't take two seconds to do that. It’s like helping people is going to kill them. Or their ego.
*That Night*
"I've never roller bladed before guys," I sigh as I continue to put on the blades.
"We'll help you. It’s not that hard," Kristy says.
"Says you," I snap the helmet on.
"Okay, now we'll help you up," Laurel says.
"Shush Nudge," Lily says. "She'll be alright."
"Oh gosh guys," I'm starting to panic. It’s a weird feeling to roller blade.
"Just be calm," Kristy says.
"Okay," I take a few deep breaths.
After ten minutes or so I'm roller blading down the alley like a pro. It’s not that hard. It’s quite fun actually.
"I want a turn," Laurel says.
"In a second," I smile. This is a great time waster. Now I kind of want a skateboard. Oh, looks like I'm going to the thrift shop tomorrow.
*The Next Day-Late Afternoon*
I take a look around the thrift shop. It’s not hard to find the weird things. They've got everything you'd need, besides food.
It takes about ten minutes for me to find just what I'm look for, a penny board. All it is a smaller type of skateboard. They've got a few and in different colors. They're not very expensive, and I could get two with the money I've earned the last few days and still have a bit left.
I pick up a yellow one and a green one, and then I grab a helmet. A small one so Lily can do some things. Then I head and checkout.
"You only got one helmet," the cashier says.
"I've got another one at home, I promise," I smile.
"You ever ridden on of these before."
"No, my brother has and he’s going to teach me," I lie through my teeth. So easy.
"Ah, that's sweet of him."
"Yeah, I guess."
*An Hour Later*
"Why did you get these?" Kristy asks.
"I just wanted us to have something else to waste time with," I say.
"I think it'll be cool," Laurel says.
"It looks kind of dangerous," Lily says. She's sitting Indian style on the couch with Nudge in her lap.
"I don't think it'll be too hard," I snap the helmet onto my head. "Just watch me."
After about half an hour I can glide down the alley without any fear of falling.
"Now you have to learn to turn and such," Kristy says.
"Hey, I'll get there eventually. I've got to keep practicing."
"I want to try," Laurel stands up and grabs the other helmet. "This helmet is kind of small, but it’ll have to work. Is it hard Rose?"
"Not at all. Just be careful," I smile. Nights just keep getting better and better.
*A Few Days Later*
"Ha, walking around downtown, not having a care in the world," I smile. Today I decided to just walk around. I'm not really sure why, I'm just done begging. Not forever, just today.

Anyways, it’s kind of nice to walk among the people. You don't get dirty looks and never a second glance. It’s really nice.
"Where's my money bitch," some man growls.
I look down the alley way I'm in front of and see four men on one woman. "Hey, back off!" Yep, I'm going to go be the hero.
"What the fuck?" One of them says.
"I said back off the girl," I come up and stand next to the girl.
"Get out of here," another one growls at me.
"No, there's no reason to gang up on her."
"She owes us money," the guy who dropped the f-bomb talks again.
"Wait, I know her. She's homeless," the smallest one speaks up. "Get out of here and we won't hurt you."
"Like hell I'm going to leave this girl," I turn to face the girl, "Run and I'll hold them off. And don't walk around alone."
The girl nods and rushes off.
"So, is that it?" The man who seems to be the leader of the group.
"That's it," I face him. "What ya gonna do about it?"
"Grab her boys."
"Like hell," I dodge the men and rush off.
Shit, shit, shit! I've now put myself in danger and my group of girls. They can find me. Gangs like that always seem to find who they're looking for.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :D
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