The twins who lived

What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister?
Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl.
Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!


3. Problem at the zoo.::.

Lily's POV:

Dudley, Harry, and I were walking out of the door, to the car, but, Dudley, being the jerk he is, pushed me and Harry on the ground so he could get in the car first.

Once Harry and I got up, Uncle Vernon grabbed us by the back of our shirts.

"Don't mess this up." He told us, then pushed us in the car.


When we got to the zoo Dudley-Being the evil child he is- wanted to see the reptiles, and there was this HUGE snake, but it was asleep, and Dudley didn't like that, so he started tapping on the glass, and yelling at the poor snake.

"Make it move!" He commanded at his father, so Uncle Vernon tapped on the glass.

"Move, Move you stupid snake!" Vernon yelled. (A/N: I don't live in England, so, yeah...)

"It's sleeping." I quietly said to Harry, and he nodded, but soon Dudley got bored with the snake, and walked on, but Harry and I stayed.

"I bet you get a lot of that." I said to the snake.

"We understand how you feel." Harry told him, then the snake lifted his head, and looked at me.

"The animal princccesssss." The snake told me, and I looked shocked.

"W-What...?" I asked, then Dudley saw the snake, and ran towards it, he pushed Harry and I on the ground.

"Up." Vernon ordered pulling us up by our collar, then Dudley put his face on the glass.

Then the glass just disappeared, making Harry laugh quietly, while I looked scared. What? THE GLASS JIST DISAPPEARED! I'M GOING TO BE SCARED!!!

Since I was scared my hair turned pure white, but Harry saw this, and quickly put my hat on my head.

"Thanks." I told his quietly while the snake slithered passed us.

"Thankssssssssss, amigossssss." He thanked us, and slithered out of the zoo.

Leaving a terrified and wet Dudley, a worried Aunt Petunia, and finally an angry Uncle Vernon.

'Oh boy.' I thought knowing, Harry and I were going to die.    

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