The twins who lived

What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister?
Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl.
Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!


5. More letters, and a Crazy uncle.

Lily's POV:


In the morning I went to get the mail, and saw more letters for me and Harry, but Uncle Vernon walked into the room and took the letters from me and threw them away, then he sent me and Harry to our cupboard, and only let us out to eat.


Harry and I went to get the mail, and the letters were there again, then Vernon walked in and threw away the letters again, and went to talk to Petunia.

He came back and told us, that we were going to stay in Dudley's other room, but of course Dudley threw a huge fit, which resulted with Vernon yelling at him, I felt really bad for Dudley so I gave him a short hug, then walked to mine and Harry's new room.


More letters came, so Vernon put a board over the mail slot. But the letters just came from under the door.


Vernon boarded up the door, so every crack was covered. Petunia had to get the milk from the milk man threw a window!


Letters were everywhere! I even found one in an egg! But Vernon just threw all the eggs out...


Letters again, I think Vernon is going mad...


We were all in the living room, Petunia was cutting Dudley's hair, Vernon was reading the paper, while Harry was giving him any food he asked for, and I was refilling tea cups.. I wonder if I was supposed to tell them we ran out of tea leaves, so I used spearmint leaves instead....

"Ah, Sundays, you know why I like Sundays Dudley?" Vernon asked his pig faced son.

"Um...No post on Sundays?" He guessed, and Vernon nodded with an evil grin on his face.

Suddenly letters were flying in threw the windows! Then they came out the chimney! They were everywhere!

"GIVE ME THOSE!!" Vernon yelled at Harry, because he was trying to get an letter, I guess I should help too.

"Who would want to write to you two so badly?" Dudley said in disgust, evil child he is. I try and be nice to him, and I get rudeness in return.

"That's it! pack your bags!" Vernon yelled snatching a letter out of Harry's hand.   

'Pack your bags? Why?' I thought, then my hair and eyes turned yellow, I'm so confused right now.



I found out what Vernon was talking about. HE'S GONE MAD! He's driving us to the middle of nowhere, and not stopping, between his muttering on 'Shake 'em off.' every time he backtracks to some place, and Dudley crying about missing his shows, I'm going mad myself!




A/N: I'm going to put in a guide for the colors of Lily's hair and eyes in the next chapter.



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