The twins who lived

What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister?
Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl.
Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!


21. Match Makers

A/N: Just wanna know, do you guys want me to skip to 2nd year? Just to let you know, that's when they'll get together.

Nicole POV:

I think, I'm going, to throw up.

It's time for lunch, and Draco is flirting with Lily, like, sure it's adorable, but I'm eating, so it's gross.

"MERLIN! JUST KISS ALREADY!" Sky yelled throwing a piece of bread at Draco, making me laugh, while everyone just looked at us like we were insane.

"What?" Lily asked tilting her head to the side. Oh Lily, and your sweet little mind. Not knowing Draco fancies you.

"Nothing Lil, why don't you just talk to Harry or something, see what he's up to?" I said, she nodded happily and ran over to her brother.

"What was that for?" Draco asked and threw the bread back at Sky.

"For being a wimp!" She said, they've been fighting almost all the time since he pushed her off her broom.

"I'm not a wimp!" he defended.

"Then why don't you just ask Lily out instead of flirting at lunch!"

"Why would I ask her out!? She just my friend!"

"Sure she is, we know you like her, EVERYONE knows!" Sky and I said, we're just that wicked, that we know what the other person is going to say. (Sky: Nicole won't stop saying 'Wicked' now..)

"....No comment." Draco said getting up and walking away.

"Skyyyyyyy." I said dragging the y, and looking at my friend.

"Nikkiiiiiii." She replied dragging out the I, and looking at me.

"WE HAVE TO PUT THEM TOGETHER!" We both yelled then automatically started planning our plan...That made so much sense.

~3rd person POV~

All day long, the two young girls tried to get Draco to ask Lily out, or kiss her! Just something! But sadly, Draco somehow managed to avoid all their traps.

First, they used a spell to trip Lily so she would drop her books, of course this was a plan to get Draco to. and I quote. 'Look deeply into her eyes while helping her with her books, when an imaginary force would pull them closer, and Draco would kiss Lily, which would make her stomach do flips, and her mind turn into mush. Then, when they pull apart, Draco would ask her out.' but nope, that isn't what happened at all! Draco just picked up her books, handed it to her, then walked to his next class. Talk about a hopeless romantic. 

Then they used magic to make a banner appear out of thin air when they walk into the hall, and it would read. 'LILLIAN ROSE POTTER, WOULD YOU PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME~ DRACO MALFOY' 

But Draco somehow knew this, and turned Lily, and walked to opposite direction.

Nicole and Sky were getting very annoyed, they even resorted to locking the two in a room together.

But Draco knew the unlocking charm.


So, as soon as Lily left for bed, leaving Draco, Sky, and Nicole alone. You could tell yelling was about to happen, actually, the whole school knew. How? Well, it's because of the death glares the two were giving Draco.


"AND YOU MESSED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM UP!" Nicole yelled slamming her hands on the table, and slightly wincing due to the amount of force she used.

"I told you, I don't fancy her." Draco said not looking at them.

"YES YOU DO!" They both yelled.

"Fine! I do! But I'll ask her on my own time! Not just because her friends are forcing me to!" He said and walked away, leaving a mad Nicole and Sky behind him.


Now, where is the lesson in this day? Well, there's two. First one is; Nicole and Sky failed at getting Draco to ask Lily out. Second; Draco is very good at getting girls angry. 






A/N: Early chapter because why not.



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