The twins who lived

What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister?
Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl.
Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!


18. First Quidditch Match

3rd person POV:

It was a perfect day for a Quidditch match!

Which is why, Lily Potter, and Nicole Robinson were on the Quidditch field, along with the rest of their team, and the Hufflepuffs. (Sky: One of my best friend's is a Hufflepuff!..Just thought I should say that.)

"First match, first match, first match!" The two girls chanted.

"Okay, Potter, Nicole. Huffles may be nice, but they also take Quidditch seriously. So that means, I want you two to take this seriously as well." Roger told the girls, and they nodded excitedly.

Let's skip to the match, shall we?


Draco was sitting in the crowds on the edge of his seat, so far the score was 160 to 10. Ravenclaw was crushing Hufflepuff. Mostly because of Lily and Nicole, but in Draco's eyes, it was only Lily. (D'aww) Sure she was his worst enemy's sister, but still, she was..different from most girls, she didn't obsess over guys, or the newest trends, and she puts her friends first. For example, if Lily and ne of her many friends were stranded on an island, with  enough food for only one person, Lily would give it to her friend. Draco didn't understand why she would do that, to be completely honest, if it was him and one of his friends, he'd take the food for himself.

"And Lily Potter scores once again!" Lee Jordan yelled, then a series of 'THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND!' came from a lot of people in the stands, Draco included, although, it did hurt him a little when he said 'friend'.

"And-What's that?! Is that the snitch-Ladies and gentlemen! Cho Chang has just caught the snitch! Ravenclaw wins!" Lee said cheerfully, most of Lily's friends ran down the  patch to congratulate her, like, Cedrick, Fred, George, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Lee, Cho, Skyler, Cho, Hannah, so many people!

Finally, Draco was next to congratulate her, he didn't even get to say one word before she jumped on him, literally JUMPED, so Draco automatically grabbed her so she wouldn't fall.



"I JUST PLAYED QUIDDITCH!!" She yelled excitedly, with her hair and eyes in their natural color. (Red hair, brown eyes.)

"I know that Lily. I just saw." Draco answered chuckling slightly.

"I know! But the team WON! And it was so much fun! I loved it! Can I do it again?" She asked all at once, by then they let go of each other, which made Draco frown slightly, but he just had to deal with it.

"Lily, you have to let the other team play, maybe later you and Po-your brother can practice with each other." Draco said hoping to calm the hyper girl.

"Aw." She pouted, "Okay!" Then she went right back to her hyper self, and dragged Draco back to the stands, waiting for the Gryffindor VS Slytherin match, she was cheering for both teams, since her brother, and a lot of her friends were in both houses.

"GO SKY! HARRY! FRED! GEORGE! ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE I CAN'T NAME AT THE MOMENT!" She screamed as loud as she could, leaving Draco to shake his head and chuckle, while promising to buy her a Cauldron Cake if she could stay still.






Nicole: Sorry it's short!

Sky: We JUST finished the test yesterday, and we never got a chance to try and write.

Nicole: And I wasn't at Sky's house, so she had to call me, while she typed everything.

Sky: Again, so sorry!!
Nicole: But at least there was a cute Dily moment.

Sky: Draco's so shy!

Nicole: And Lily's so oblivious.

Both: IT'S SO CUTE!!!





F O L L O W!









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