The twins who lived

What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister?
Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl.
Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!


28. Cat and Mouse

You really thought you could get away from us? HECK NO!

Before the chapter starts, we would like to say a few things....

1: We really missed all of you!!

2: We're so happy to be back.

and 3: Sadly, we won't be able to update as much, because school started for us.

BUT! We really hope you enjoy this chapter.


~~3rd person POV:

A few weeks has past since Lily had found out she is the Animal Princess. Since then, she's really noticed how many encounters she's had with animals.

For example, one day Lily was having a nice peaceful lunch outside, when a unicorn, just walked right up to her, which was strange, since unicorns are known to be shy, friendly yes, but once again, they're shy around people. And it's very rare that they come out of the forest. (Making it up guys)

While that encounter was fascinating, it scared a couple of first years.


"So, I just need to turn into an animal?" Lily questioned standing in front of McGonagall.

"That is correct Miss Potter, but I must warn you, it may be very difficult to transform into larger animal." She said.

"Okay, well how do I do it?" Lily questioned tilting her head to the side.

"Simply think of what you wish to transform into, and focus."

"Okay..." The young girl trailed off while thinking of tons of animals she could turn into.

~Three hours later~

"I CAN'T DO IT!" Lily yelled in frustration while laying on the floor.

"Well, I never said it would be easy, now did I?" McGonagall said while looking down at the girl.

"I just wanted to be unicorn!" She cried.

"Miss Potter, I told you to try something small."

"But a unicorn is the first thing I thought of!" She defended herself.

"Why don't you take a break." The professor offered.


"We'll continue your lessons first thing in the morning tomorrow."


 Lily's POV:
Ugh! This is so hard.

"Lily! Are you even listening?!" Pansy said snapping her fingers in my face, causing me to come out of my trance.

"What? Yeah."

"No, what's going on with you anyways?" She asked.

"Nothing, I'm just thinking too hard about some assignments." I lied, I really don't know if I'm allowed to speak about me being this 'Animal Princess'.

"Okay then." She said then started talking to Draco.

I was starring at my food in front of me when my plate got HUGE!
"LILY!" I heard my friends shout, very loudly might I add.

"AH!" I squeaked in surprise.

"How did she do that?!" Suddenly I was lifted, I was in a giant hand! I looked up to see a huge Draco.

"Whoa! Why am I so tiny?! What happened!"

"Lily? Why are you a mouse?!"








Sky: ...Cat (McGonagall) and Mouse(Lily) .....Hehehe

Nikki: We have the puns.

Both of us: *troll face*




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