The twins who lived

What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister?
Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl.
Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!


25. Animal what?

No one's POV:

Lily Potter was siting quietly next to Nicole in Potions, even though she'd much rather be outside enjoying the nice peaceful day.

"Potter! Tell me, (what is the function of a rubber duck?) how can you-" The blue haired girl cut him off.

"Unicorn Blood." She said, Snape just glared.

"How can you tell if-"

"By the smell, if it smells sweet it's gone bad, if it smells rotten, it's perfect."

"Mister Snape, may I please borrow Miss Potter for a moment." Professor McGonagall asked stepping into the class room.

"I suppose..." With that said, the now curious girl followed her Transfiguration Professor out of the class.

"Professor, why did you need to see me?" Lily asked walking a little faster, sadly for her, the Professor didn't answer


Soon the two were at Dumbledore's office.

"Lemon Drops." McGonagall said then started walking up the spiral steps up to his office.

'So that's the password..' Lily thought running up the steps to catch up with McGonagall.

"Wait here." McGonagall said looking at the small girl, before walking through the doors.

"...." The girl sat in silence for at least five minutes before McGonagall pulled her into the room.

"Hello Lillian." Dumbledore greeter her, she smiled brightly and said a polite hello back.

"Sir, if you don't mind me asking, why am I here?" She asked tilting her head to the side,

"Yes, such a bright, curious, mind you have. You are here for a highly important reason."

"...Sir, do-do you mind if I just speak freely?" Lily asked, stuff was about to get real.

"Not at all."

"Thank you. Now...What is going on, because I need to know."

"Miss Potter, have you had any strange encounters with animals or magical creatures?" McGonagall asked, Lily thought about it before answering.

"Well..Yes actually." She said.

"Do you happen to know why?"


"Miss Potter." Dumbledore said standing up, "The reason behind these strange encounters, is the fact you are the, Animal Princess."

"Animal what?!" She screeched.

"You are the Princess of all animals, it's quite simple." (A/N: Dumbledore is gonna have some sass in this story.)


Sky: Little filler.

Nikki: Animal Princess?

Sky: Still working on the name! Okay!

Nikki: *holds hands up* Okay, Okay, chill.


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