The twins who lived

What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister?
Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl.
Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!


17. A/N:

Skyler: Hey guys, we have some bad news.

Nicole: It's end of grade test week for us.

Sky: So, we won't have an update until Thursday.

Nicole: Sorry guys, but we just started the test today, and only have half of it done.

Sky: In case you're wondering, we're both home schooled.

Nicole: That wasn't very important.

Sky: Right, anyways, we won't have an update until Thursday, but we have a question for you guys?

Nicole: Do you want Lily to go with Harry, Ron, and Hermione to get the philosopher's stone?

Sky: In other words, do you want her to get hurt, and Draco freak out about it?

Nicole: That would be funny

Sky: Hehe, I know right.

Nicole: Anyways, go ahead and tell us what YOU would like to see.

Sky: Sorry again.

Both: BYEEEE!! 

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