The twins who lived

What if Harry James Potter had a twin sister?
Meet Lily Rose Potter, a hyper and happy eleven-year-old girl.
Follow Harry and Lily's adventure into the wizarding world!


22. 2nd year!









A/N: Had to post the chapter early because we're going to be gone all day tomorrow. Plus I'm sure it's Thursday somewhere, right?~Skyler

Lily's POV:

Finally! My second year at Hogwarts! It took me awhile to actually sit down, but I did it!

Last year was so hectic, Harry, Hermione, Ron and I all went to go get the sorcerers stone, after Hermione and I cleverly defeating the Devil's Snare, Harry getting the right key to get past the door, and me having to step on the right stones in order for a wall to open up.

"Wait! Ron stop! Don't you see?" Hermione cried stopping Ron from stepping onto the floor.

"See what?" He asked, and Hermione pointed to one square.

"They're enchanted, you can't just walk across them! You have to step on the right one's, if you don't.." She trailed off.

"Who knows what could happen.." Harry and I both said, that's when I accidently stepped on a platform.

Then music started playing and the squares started lighting up.

"It's a dance, I have to step on the squares that are lite up." I realized. Then I transfigured my robes into more flexible clothes.

~Flashback over~

Then Ron had to sacrifice himself at Wizard Chess so Harry could pass through, but I got hit by the queen before that. So I didn't know what happened.


Once I woke up in the hospital I was attacked by Draco, Nicole, Sky, and Cho, Luna was nice enough not to tackle me. And just said she was happy to see me feeling better.

But of course,  couldn't get away with just hugs, Draco went into a five hour rant about me never scaring him like that ever again.


Then once we had to leave and go back home, Harry and I were locked in our room. Then we met a house elf named Dobby, that stole our letters, which again, I got a rant from Draco about.

Ron, Fred, and George ended up rescuing us though.

OH! And Ron's little sister Ginny is at Hogwarts this year!

"Oooooh, Dily!" Sky and Nicole said opening the compartment door.

"Dily?" I asked with my hair turning yellow, along with my eyes.

"IT'S NOTHING!" Draco yelled, then glared at Sky and Nicole.  "Can I talk to you two? Alone." He said through gritted teeth.

".....Crap..." They both said then got up going outside the compartment, after giving Cho some type of look.

"What was that about?" I asked looking at my friend.

"Uh, so what do you think of Draco?" She asked awkwardly.

"What do you mean?" I asked tilting my head.

"Like, relationship wise?"

"Why are you asking? Do you like Draco or something?" I asked bitterly at the end by accident, I don't know why that sounded harsh though

"Merlin No! I just wanted to know what YOU think about him."

"Oh, well, he's my friend." I said cheerfully.

"But do you like him more, than a friend?" She asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Uh..." I blushed but tried to cover it with my hair, which didn't work since it turned pink.

"YOU DO LIKE HIM!" She yelled.

"Like who?" Draco asked coming back into the compartment, which made me blush even more.

So I may have developed a little crush on Draco, but I'll get over it! Besides, he doesn't even like me..

"NOTHING!" I yelled then ran out the compartment.

~Draco's POV a few minutes before~
After Skyler and Nicole went out of the compartment with me, I was so close to hexing them, but then Lily would be mad at me, and I really don't like being hexed by her.

"What are you two doing?!" I whispered yelled at them.

 "This year, you and Lily will be together!" Nicole said putting her fist in the air.

"And if not, So Merlin help me! I will take my wand and hex you until you WISH you would have died! Mark my words Draco Malfoy!" Sky said getting into my space.

"Skyler, back up." I said pushing her a little bit away from me, by now, most of the other people were lookin at us wide eyed.

"MARK MY WORDS!" She yelled, then Nicole pulled her back.

"Just calm down." I said sighing.

"Well? GET BACK TO YOUR OWN LIVES!" Nicole yelled looking at everyone, then we went back into the compartment.

"YOU DO LIKE HIM!" Cho yelled.

"Like who?" I asked looking at Lily.

"NOTHING!" She yelled blushing, then ran out of the compartment. "Well that was weird." I said and walked to a different compartment to talk to my Slytherin friends, besides Skyler.






Sky: Wow, that took a while.

Nicole: You are very Sirius about your ships.

Sky: hehe, pun.

Nicole: Wait, in the story, wouldn't you be related to Draco?

Sky: *troll face*

Sky: Put in the comments on how you think Draco and Story me are related.

Nicole: Kinda obvious. 




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