A Freak Show

Inu Toku is a new student to Ouran academy. she moved to Japan from Australia and is trying to fit in at Ouran the only problem is she is very clumsy and accidently stubbles into Music Room 3. The twins find a new love and Inu falls for Kyoya ligits.


2. The Hosts


Tamaki started to move his head even closer "n-NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I pushed him away and stood up I was looking at him and blushed like crazy "what on earth is the matter?" he asked me "I-I'm just not used to being touched like that" I said and then I moved back until I ran into someone and I turned around to see who it was "I-im sorry please forgive me" I looked at them he had glasses and his hair was black he just looked at me "that's quite alright are you okay?" he had a straight look on his face not even a shot of kindness more like his soul is dark and impure "I'm fine but..." I looked around then frowned "are you sure?" I looked at him "actually I'm not" I walked away to the door and looked behind me to see Tamaki watching me with a frown then I went out the door.

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