A Freak Show

Inu Toku is a new student to Ouran academy. she moved to Japan from Australia and is trying to fit in at Ouran the only problem is she is very clumsy and accidently stubbles into Music Room 3. The twins find a new love and Inu falls for Kyoya ligits.


1. Arrival


I walked through the gate to Ouran Academy I just hope no on will judge a commoner like me. I walked up the stairs the front doors I opened them and there was no one to be seen where are they? I walked up the stairs to some abandoned music rooms. I walked through the hall and scanned the signs "I wish I could read Japanese a bit better... huh music room 3" that was easy to read I opened the door to find....... "aaaaahhhhhh" it was the host club "I'm sorry I'll by going now" I turned around to walk out "don't be so nieve" someone said "I'm Tamaki why don't you join us" he said two boys. twins. looked at me I caught them staring at me 'are they staring at me because I'm wearing glasses' "come on" Tamaki said as he grabbed my wrist. a moment later I was sitting on a massive lounge Tamaki kept on looking at me "what is it d-do I have something on my face" I asked nervously "of course not but if you did..." he cupped my face in his hands "I would wipped it off for you" he was getting a little to close now.


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