Wait Until Night

Alexus is a young girl who has a secret no one knows about, not even her mother(s). Every night when Alexus goes to sleep, she wakes up in another universe.


3. Chapter 3.

 I woke up with a yawn. I stretched, my hands high in the air.

 "Come on Alexus!" Mom called.

 I looked over at my clock, it was seven o' clock, "I'm going to be late!" I dressed myself with magis to save time, I ran downstairs, grabbed a piece of toast and ran outside to the portal. I had to be sneaky though. Mom strongly disapproves of using the portal or any other magic to get to school.

 I ran through the portal, and stepped out at school, "ah" I sighed, "Crowen School of Magical Arts. Much more interesting than Henna Middle School."

 I walked into the Ice building, it was freezing. Ice is not my favorite class, but it's better than Myth or Balance. I didn't learn much in Ice, we just reviewed how to frost a trees' branches.

 Next I had Life. Life is my second favorite class, I learn how to revive plants, animals, and other wizards. I learned how to cast a more complex series of healing spells.

 After that I had Fire. Fire is by far my favorite,but today I am super nervous. I have the Fire Test Pt. 1. I have Fire with my best friend, Mary, I sat next to her, she was super nervous too. We studied out pronunciation, how to draw the symbol in the air, and how to block all thoughts except for what we wanted to cast.

 When it was my turn to cast a spell in front of the class, Mary wished me good luck, and I went to the front of the room. I had trouble drawing the Fire sign, the spell turned out fine except for the Pheonix I casted had a distorted wing.

 People in the class started giggling and the lopsided Pheonix.

 "Ok, sit down Alexus." Falmea, the teacher, said.

 I walked to my desk, my head hung.

 After Fire class, it was time to go home, I did not have Death, Myth, or Balance class until tomorrow.

 I got home, Mom was waiting in the kitchen, "how did you do on your Fire test?" She asked.

 "It was ok I guess, I had trouble drawing the sign, so the Pheonix turned out distorted. Other than that it was fine."

 "Ok, at least it was only distorted, at least you didn't fizzle." Mom comforted.

 I guess she is right, at least I didn't fizzle. When you fizzle, your spell doesn't even work, the sign just falls and turns to ashes.

 I spent the rest of the day at the beach in my backyard. Abby joined me. I guess I eventually dozed off, Mom came and told me to get into pajamas and go to bed.

 I sleepily walked up the stairs, got into my PJ's and jumped into bed, I was alseep in a second.

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