Wait Until Night

Alexus is a young girl who has a secret no one knows about, not even her mother(s). Every night when Alexus goes to sleep, she wakes up in another universe.


2. Chapter 2.

 I woke up on my bed, my alarm sounding in the backround.

 "Alexus wake up!" Mom yelled, "You're going to be late for school."

 I dragged myself out of bed and got myself dressed.

 I have never experienced a dream before. Everytime I go to sleep in one place, I wake up for my life in another. Since I have been born, I have my second life. No one know's about it, not even Patty, my bestfriend. It has always been normal for me, but it has never happened to anyone else. In my life where I am a wizard, I go to school, have friends, and do everything I do in my life without magic. It is hard to explain when it is so normal for me but no one else has ever experienced it.

 I walked downstairs, got my breakfast, then headed out to the bus.

 Once on the bus, I sat next to Patty, as soon as I sat down she said, "I had a strange dream last night."

 I nodded my head, although I didn't understand because I have never had a dream before, "What happened?" I asked.

 "It's a long story but Nate ended up falling in love with you." Patty smiled.

 I blushed, I have liked Nate since 3rd grade, now I'm in 8th grade. "What happened?"

"You fell in love, got married, had kids." Patty said, "three kids to be exact. Two boys and a girl."

 "Ugh. Why two boys? Am I like cursed or something?" I laughed.

 "I guess so." Patty laughed.

 Once we arrived at school I said goodbye to Patty and walked into the building.

 The school day passed, boring, as always. I was in science, the last class of the day, and I fell into a light doze.

 I woke up in my bed in the other world. "No!" I said. Abby lifted her head. "I must have fallen asleep in science. I need to get back there before I get into trouble."

 I snuck downstairs, it was hard to see becase it ws pitch black outside. I crept into the kitchen and Mom was standing in the doorway, "What are you doing up, you are hardly ever up at this time of night."

 "I uhhh..... had to use the bathroom. Yea. A-and now I am getting a drink. Yea. I used the bathroom and now I'm getting a drink." I responded, instantly regretting acting so suspicously.

 Mom crossed her arms. "Mmmmmhmmmm."

 "Yea. So I'm going to get a drink then go back to bed." I said, trying to slide past her.

 Mom blocked my way, "go to bed." she kissed my head then walked up to her room, stopping at the base of the stairs and signaling for me to do the same.

 I sighed and went to my bedroom, and after a while of trying to fall asleep, I finally drifted into a light sleep.

 I woke up at my desk in Science, the period was almost over but I didn't miss much.

 The bell rang, dissmissing us to go pack out belongings and head home.

 I got in the bus, talked with Patty until I had to get off.

 I walked into the house, and asked Mom, "can Patty come over?" I asked.

 Mom nodded her head, I raced to the phone and called Patty, she was at my house within fifteen minutes. We gossiped, laughed, played games, prank called, and when it was finally starting to get dark I told Patty I was tired.

 "Don't be lame." Patty complained.

 "I'm really tired." I said, faking a yawn. I had to get to bed in time to wake up in my other life.

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