Wait Until Night

Alexus is a young girl who has a secret no one knows about, not even her mother(s). Every night when Alexus goes to sleep, she wakes up in another universe.


1. Chapter 1.

 I walked into a room full of guards, all of them heavily loaded with weapons. I put my hands in the air, the guards surrounded me, many of them asking my name, the others searching my pack. I remained silent and calm, seemed to both unsettle and frustrate the guards asking my name.

 I felt a sharp object pressed against my back, I turned around and saw a man with a spear, "What is your name child?" he asked

 "I am Alexus Nightfountain. Descendant of Maria Nightfountain." I replied calmly.

 The look of horror on the guards' faces almost made me laugh. Almost.

 "I may have spared you if you hadn't intended to take me to the city." I smiled.

 The guards charged at me, spears held at eye-level. I brushed the guards aside with ease. I reached into my mind, gathering my will, and killed all of the men simultaneously. I felt a slight wave of drousyness sweep over me. The spell took some of my energy, but the spell would take devour most of the energy in a normal wizard.

 I am one of the most powerful wizards, my mother, father, and ancestors were all some of the most powerful wizards ever. I can do a spell that could kill any other wizard if they were to attempt it.

 I walked out of the building where the fight had taken place, walked through the portal at the front of the property and walked through it.

 Once I walked out of the portal I was home. My house isn't very large. Although, it has a separate building for theatre productions, a small beach in my backyard.

 I walked inside, and went to the kitchen, on the table was a note, it read: 'Alexus, I have left to go to the market, practice your spells for you Fire test tomorrow, afterwards you may do what you like, but don't leave the house. - Love, Mom.'

 I put the note down, got out bread, peanut butter, and jelly. I made myself a sandwich then went up the stairs. I stopped on the second floor, called for my puppy, Abby, and went up to my room on the top floor of the house.

 My room is small and circular, but it's nice.

 Abby jumped onto my bed, I put my pack on the floor next to my bed, then started practicing for my test tomorrow. I drew the fire symbol in front of me, thought about what I wanted to cast, then touched the symbol that was floating in the air. A fire pheonix appeared in front of me, I waved my hand to counteract the spell so that it did no damage.

 "I think I'll pass the test. Don't you Abby?" I asked, Abby blew fire from her mouth in agreement.

 Abby is a Fire Hound. Not very rare, but in my opinion, Abby is the best Fire Hound out of them all.

 I lay on my bed, cuddling Abby, and when Mom didn't come home and it was getting dark, I knew I had to get to sleep. I tried to sleep, I tossed and turned, it must have annoyed Abby becuase she jumped off the bed and lay on the floor. Eventually I fell asleep.


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