Albus Potter and his adventures

Albus Potter has come to Hogwarts his dream but things get complicated for he has to put up with his annoying brother James, tries to get is crush to like him and has to stop the newest dark Lord which is somewhere in the castle.


1. That train ride

Albums pov


There was a lot of whispering on platform 9 3/4 as the Potter family walked through the big crowd of people waiting to go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Even though he loved his dad Albums Potter had enough of the attention that his dad, Harry Potter always got it was very annoying. But he was not going to let this spoil this day, he had been waiting years to go to Hogwarts and his annoying brother (James Potter) had been bragging all through the summer about his first year.

        "Mum please can I go to Hogwarts" begged my 9 year old sister Lily Potter as she gasped at any but of magic she could see. "No Lily your to young" my mother said as she passed my trunk and my owl     ( meener) to the train man. "Its a minute to a 11 time to get on the train" said dad and mum pulled me and James into an extremely tight hug. We hoped on the train and waved good bye to mum and dad.

        I found an compartment on my own, as fare way from my annoying brother, after a few minutes a girl with straight long brown hair and a pretty face came in and joined me."Hi I'm Jess" the girl said after she sat down, "Albus Potter" he replied. They sat there in silence for 2 minutes until a boy opened the door sat down and said "Tom Williams" he said as he looked oddly all Albus as if examining him. Albus didn't know what to make of this until Tom suddenly stopped looking at him and blurted out " your Albus Potter" and Albus slowly noded, he did look a lot like his dad. Then the trolley lady came up to the compartment, "any thing from the trolley dears". Me Tom and Jess bought absolutely loads and we started talking and sharing sweets and I was so happy I had made my first friends.

         Me and Tom went and changed into our robes and when we came back so was Jess. 10 minutes later while we were finishing our sweets we finally got to Hogwarts. We jumped of the train and a huge man that could only be Hagrid lead us to the boats." Four in a boat" he half shouted , Me, Jess and Tom clambered into a boat with a orange haired beautiful girl named Rhea. I saw Tom staring at her a lot but I didn't care as I looking apon the magnificent castle, he was going to Hogwarts.

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