This is a the story of three best friends traveling through the hell of high school but they make it out........well most of them do.

•Cross P.O.V.•


1. Chapter 1

•Madison's P.O.V.•

Calling lily

Madison: So why exactly did you spam me at 2 o'clock in the morning

Lily: oh ok so I was having my gossip girl marathon when I remembered I didn't check the mail so I ran outside annnnnnnnnnndddddddd I got my letter from Yale and I opened it alone because for some reason my best friend was not picking up

Madison: I was asleep like a normal person

Lily: what ever I GOT IN!!!!!!!

Madison: Oh my god I'm so happy for you now we can all be Yale buddies you,me,Hailey,Emmett, Andrew, Zach.

Lily:aaaannnnnddddd Jackson

Madison: yeah um him to

Lily: come on are you gonna actually talk to him today

Madison: Ummmmm.... Let me think about that no

Lily: what eves see you at the school house

Madison: yeah bye all the love

Lily: same

•Hailey's P.O.V.•

"Zach if you don't open this door I will-".The door quickly swung open,"You won't do anything or I'll tell your dad what happened yesterday.""Oh my gosh I was drunk and if I go down you are going down with me keep that in mind .""Yah but the funny thing is I don't care",he said while shrugging his shoulders. "God you don't understand the meaning of a one night stand plus since when did it become ok to sleep with your sister hmmm.""Ok one we were both drunk ,two we are not even real siblings and three I no you want me."Ewwww in your dreams", I said while scrunching up my face." Oh honey in my dreams we do a lot more like-" Ok I'm just gonna shower in mom and dads room." "No you mean my mom and your dads room." "Let it go there married", "How about this I'll let you get the bathroom after school for that dance shit you need to do.""Thank you." He looked down as if he was embarrassed. "Awwww look at you with your feelings and all that." He then blushed "yah nice ass." "And he's back."

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