From the Stars

Angel (age 19) is the daughter of the king, who is the king of her home planet. Gilese. She started training at age 14 for a mission to gather black opal rocks to restore the life that is being lost. Th e only place where the rocks can be found is on what there planet calls "The most dangerous place." Earth. As she free falls onto earth she tumbles onto the forest ground, before blacking out she sees a figure imurging in the woods.

Niel (age 19) is the idiot son of the king, he isn't really an idiot he just fakes it so he can be left alone. His father is always trying to set him up with someone, but he doesn't want to get married anytime soon or ever at that fact. He one day travels into the woods and sees something fall from the sky, he thought of it as a meteorite but as he steps closer to see a girl.


2. Chapter 2

~~Neil looked at his father with a dumb look on his face as his father was yelling at him. 

"Why did you have to do that?" His father asked.

"Do what?"

"Pour that wine on that girl's elegant dress. It was made in Egypt." Neil rolled his eyes at his father turning around to head back upstairs toward his room.

"Boy!" His father yelled at him causing Neil to almost fall in his steps, "How long do you think you can put up with this front?" 

"What front?" Neil asked walking upstairs to his room not wanting to hear his father's answer. 

"Guard!" Neil's father called, "Make sure that Neil doesn't leave his room for the rest of day."

"Yes sir." the guard replied heading upstairs towards Neil's room. His father walked outside to be greeted by Argon his brother.


"Brother!" They gave each other rough hugs.

"Alston," Argon called patting his brother on the arm, "Let's go for a walk." The two brothers walked and talked for a good while.

"How's that son of yours?" Argon asked.

"He's still the same. An idiot and unwedded."

"Really?" Argon turns looking at Alston, "When I was around his age all I wanted to do is crack skulls and f*ck girls. Hell at his age I think I was already on my first child." Alston laughed at his brother comment.

Neil laid on his bed. He knew that his father had sent one of the guards to stand outside of his door to make sure he didn't leave; he smirked at this. Getting out of bed he grabbed his tiger-fur made jacket and his sword. He moved the white curtains that were in blocking the open balcony, as he stepped outside he accidentally knocked over a cup that had been sitting out there. The door behind open and the guard that was sitting outside came running in. 

"Oh shit." Neil said. He jumped from the balcony onto a big pile of hay,  'Thank the Gods for this hay being here or else—"

"HEY! STOP!" Neil looked up to see the guard yelling down at him. Then turned to call the other guards to catch them. Neil quickly stood on his feet and ran toward the woods.

Getting a few feet into the woods he stopped running to catch his breath. 

"God!" He yelps between breath, "I'm out of shape." He looked up at the sky, looking up he saw something soaring across the sky. In amazement he saw as the object tumbled across the ground ramming into a tree. He cautiously approached the object. As he gotten closer he eyes widen a little in shock, he saw that it wasn't an object but it was a girl.

He kneeled down beside the girl. He saw some blood trickle down the side of face.

"Let's get you out of here." He whispered into her ear lifting her in a bridal hold. They walked through the woods for about ten minutes when Neil found his little hideout cottage that he always went to when he ran from home. 

Entering the cottage he laid the mysterious girl on the hay made bed and took off her jacket. Leaving for a minute he walked over to the fireplace and started a fire, afterward he used the little water he had left and boiled it a little.

Using a piece of fabric he found on the floor he soaked it into the bowl of water that he had boiled. Squeezing the excess water from the fabric he started to wash off some of the dirt and blood that covered her face. He felt his heart skip a beat as he started wiping dirt from her left cheek; he enjoyed looking upon her. Her nice tan skin with long black wavy hair with a pretty nice body and her full lips, unlike the other girls he had been with. He grazed the top of her lip with a his thumb. Looking down her breast he saw that there was a smudge of dirt in between there. He looked up at her face and back down to her breast again. He used the fabric and gently at her chest started making his way in between her breast. 

"What are you doing?" The girl said with a hint of drowsiness in her voice. He fell back off the hay bed landing on his back as the girl startled him. Neil quickly got up and composed himself.

"Uh...I was just helping you." He replied soaking the piece of fabric trying to wipe her face again. She flinched back and gave him a glare. He held up the fabric trying to show her that he was just trying to wipe her face; she reluctantly nodded her head as he started to rub her face softly with the piece of cloth.

"What's your name?" Neil asked.

"That's none of your business." She replied.

"Give me a hint." 

"The sky."

"The sky?"


"Hmmm...okay, I give up. Tell me your name." He said with a small smile on his face.

"I told you I'm not telling you," She replied with a blank expression on her face, "I gave you a hint. Figure it out." He looked at the girl with a hint of insult in his face.

"Are you always this rude?" He asked putting the cloth down to examine her head.

"Are you always this stupid?" Neil felt himself fill up with anger; he tighten his grip around the bottom her face.

Angel felt as he tighten his grip around the bottom of her face. 

He really needs to let go. He has no idea who he is f*cking with.

"Who are you getting smart with?"

"Please." She started pulling herself closer to where they noses could almost touch, "Don't. Test. Me." 

That should've scared him she thought to herself. Neil smiled letting go of her face standing up. Angel took a breath and looked away. All of a sudden she felt two hands push her down on the bed and the guy that she was talking to on top of her.

"Hey!" She yelled, "Get—" She stopped in her sentence as he face was so close to her's. As she looked up at him she saw his a strand of his straight hair in front of his face slowly grazing the side of her's; she also saw how his deep hazel eyes that seemed to call to her.

"What are—" They both looked up to the sound of horses outside. Neil quickly got up to his feet.

"Sh*t! My father!" Neil said in a hushed tone, "Hey, we need to go." Angel quickly stood up putting on her jacket. 

"What's going on?" She asked. Neil grabbed her by her hand.

"Let's go out the back." He started directing her toward the back door only to see men on horses waiting out there also.

"Sh*t. Go back." He said going back to the main room.

The two of them looked around trying to figure out what to do when Neil came up with an idea.

"I need you do something," He said, "It can help get rid of them."


"Take off your clothes."


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